No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0689

She said with a smile. “Jack doesn’t have much money with him. The most he has is seven to eight million and the advertisement should have taken him at least two to three million. Hence, he’s only left with five to six million. He wouldn’t be able to do anything extravagant. An advertisement is actually a boastful act. He doesn’t have other disadvantages apart from liking to boast.”

“He only spent two to three million, right? How about this, I’ll pay you five million and the rest is your compensation. So that the others would not say that our Gold family bullied you guys!” Kelly hugged his arms in front of his chest and looked down condescendingly and arrogantly.

“Sure, that’s agreed then. We’ll change to another day.” Fiona nodded continuously and agreed to it.

However, Young Master Gold said, “Whatever you say doesn’t mean anything. I want your son-in-law to nod and whatever he says, counts. Got it? After all, he’s the one who spent the money and did the advertisement.”

Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Truth be told, I really don’t know how much I’ve spent. However, I don’t want your five million because I don’t plan to change the date. I’ve set the date and that is my wife’s birthday.”

“Jack, are you dumb? You’re going to earn so much money, can’t we move the date one or two days earlier?” Fiona was furious because of what Jack said, and she stomped her feet on the spot.

“Mother, don’t worry. I won’t change the date.” Jack directly looked at Kelly and did not want to back away.

Old Master Taylor thought about it and persuaded, “Jack, I can understand how you feel. After all, this is the first birthday you’re celebrating with Selena after you’ve returned from the battlefield. It’s natural for you to want to give Selena the best and leave a good impression. However, whatever that’s happening today is different. This is Cecilia’s wedding. When you compare it, a wedding is definitely more important than a birthday.”

Selena sighed inwardly when she saw how Old Master Taylor helped persuade Jack. She said to Jack, “Jack, why don’t we let it go. Mine’s just a normal birthday and this is Cecilia’s wedding. There’s a huge difference between both as this is her marriage. We don’t need to hold our event on the same day as her’s.”

Cecilia and Kelly looked at each other. Both of them had a cold smile at the corners of their mouths. Even Selena softened when she’s faced with such huge pressure. They did not believe that Jack would continue to persist.

Apart from that, they’ve given Jack an extra few million. It was just a change of the dates, other people would have agreed to it early on.

Although the advertisements were carried out and it was slightly shameful if they brought forward the event. However, they were not the ones being embarrassed.

“Honey, this is your birthday. Apart from that, the entire city knows about it. I’m not changing the dates.” Jack looked at Selena and said with a serious expression on his face. “Apart from that, we’ve agreed to this since long ago. When I was not here, it doesn’t matter if Cecilia steps on your head and bullies you. However, now that I’m back, I wouldn’t let you endure such suffering.”

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