No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0691

Old Master Taylor roared in laughter and said, “I already called Ivan and he said he was quite busy as he had to work overtime.”

At this point, he looked at Andrew Taylor and said, “Oh yes, Andrew, why is Ben not here? I feel like I haven’t seen him in these few days.”

Andrew smiled indifferently and said, “Dad, Ben opened an internet cafe just a few days ago. Of course, he would be busy. He hasn’t been home in these two days.”

Grandpa Taylor smiled satisfactorily and said, “This kid finally knows how to make money. Looks like he’s finally grown out of his games too!”

Hearing Grandpa Taylor praising his son, Fiona smiled and said, “Yeah, our Ben is quite hardworking. He used to be young and raw, making mistakes here and there but now he’s really grown out of it.”

“Oh, I heard you guys hired ten bodyguards, and that all of them are beautiful and long-legged.”

Cecilia looked at Jack and said, “Let me guess. Jack was the one who hired them? You hiring bodyguards or going for a pageant?”

Kelly Gold heard and immediately said in a haughty voice, “This is so typical. Some men put on such a ‘good boy’ act when they have no money. When they get rich, they suddenly become ‘bad boys’ and even visit the spa for the women.”

At this point, he continued as a matter of fact, “But some men are different. They secretly flirt with chicks, bodyguards… Miss Selena, you are really pretty, but even pretty girls will get old, and we know all men love young girls.”

Cecilia said, “Yeah, Selena, you need to be careful. Your husband doesn’t seem to be an honest man. He hired ten beautiful and young bodyguards. You’re still pretty young now, but once you hit thirty, you will just age rapidly from there.”

“don’t worry. I have faith in my man.”

Selena laughed and said, “Jack told me that these women bodyguards will be able to look after my mother and his mother. If they want to go shopping, it will be more convenient for them to have women bodyguards with them. There’s really no other intention.”

“I think those are just ten beautiful vases that don’t have much utility. I mean, how can beautiful girls be of any use? I’m guessing a certain someone is spending money and sneaking around.”

The head of the Gold family laughed cooly.

“Vases? You’re really getting ahead of yourself.”

Jack looked really unhappy. Those ten beautiful girls were not hired from just any security company. They were all decorated war heroes who had sacrificed a lot for the country. Some of them were even Majors. He felt that a grave injustice was being done to these women warriors, as they were being described as vases.

“Oh, you’re unhappy!”

Kelly looked at Jack’s unhappy face and wanted to poke fun at him. He said, “Since you’re not happy, then why don’t we pit our bodyguards against each other?”

“If you’re not fussed about embarrassing yourself, I’m happy to oblige!” Jack raised his wine glass to his lips and sipped it slowly.

“Alright, let’s start a match. Why don’t we gamble on the outcome too? How about that? Do you dare to take a bet?” Kelly thought about it and said coyly.

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