No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0698

“That’s right. Gold family will keep to our word and pay our dues. It’s just ninety million-give us your bank account number!” Kelly held back the anger in his heart and said with a laugh.

“Jack, just let this go.” Zeus could not resist but to suggest.

After all, Cecilia was about to marry Mister Gold. The opponents would be family soon. To kill their soon to be family’s bodyguards was already bad enough. To pursue the ninety million might add to their anger and offended Mister Gold. This could affect the relationship between both families.

Zeus had kept silent before. After all, he had already said not to continue the matches earlier and was refused by the Gold family. He had maintained his silence until now.

“I wouldn’t mind letting this go, but I think Mister Gold is someone who wants to pay his dues. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have heard such good things about Mister Gold’s character and reputation.”

Jack laughed and pretended to put on an unsatisfied face.

“Give me your bank account now-ninety million is small money!” the corner of Kelly’s mouth twitched as he said cooly.

Next to Jack, Fiona’s eyes were shining at the thought of money. He said bitterly, “Mother, where is your card? Pass your account number to Mister Gold. I forgot to bring my wallet out and can’t remember my account number.”

“Me? Good, good, good, let me give it to you now!”

Actually, Fiona had taken out her card earlier. With so many pairs of eyes on her, she was holding onto her card cautiously, as she did not want them to think she was greedy. Now that Jack had offered her card, she felt so happy at her good fortune-to think that ninety million was coming to her-what a windfall!

“Alright, I’ll go now. Master Taylor, the wedding is going to be in twenty-five days. You all had better show up.” Mister Gold said after transferring the money.

“Of course!” Zeus smiled awkwardly. He could see that the Gold family was clearly unhappy despite their courteous words.

“Master Gold, I’m afraid to trouble you but you should also remove all these dead bodies.” Jack reminded.

Gold family was already angry. To hear Jack purposely remind them of the dead bodies pissed them off even more. They looked at him furiously and left with the bodies.

“Jack, didn’t you think you were being too harsh on them?” Zeus said to Jack unhappily.

“I don’t think so. They were the ones who called for a match and called my bodyguards useless. Furthermore, it was their bodyguard who asked for a fight till death-why should they blame me for this?”

Jack said nonchalantly, “If they really want to blame it on something, they should just blame it on their rotten luck to have underestimated my bodyguards.”

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