No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0699

“Okay, fine, we’re all one family. I don’t think they will take this to heart for a few bodyguards.” Zues said, “I’ve already advised them against it, their family insisted on competing with us-they shouldn’t entirely blame Jack for this.”

“But, dad…”

Zeus still looked unhappy-he was a little afraid of the Gold family. “But what? The Taylor family is no longer some third class family. We are a second class family. Gold family is also a second class family. We’re on equal footing and you shouldn’t be afraid.”

Master Taylor said and looked at Jack. “Jack, although they were the ones who started the fight, you should also be more cautious in the future. They are going to be our family. We should make an effort to maintain a good relationship.”

“Don’t worry, I have plans!” Jack smiled. He looked at the time and said, “Alright, we need to go back and rest. We’ll come and visit you next time when we are free.”

Jack and the rest left the Taylor family and returned to their private villas.

As they entered the door, Fiona said, “Jack, you gave the Taylor family only twenty million in dowry. Look at the Gold family-they gave Cecilia eighty million in dowry. I think my Selena is much better than Cecilia. You can’t do much worse than them.”

“Mother, what are you trying to say?”

Selena got a little upset at this. She could not help but glare at her mother. She knew that Fiona had no plans to give the ninety million back to Jack.

“Why do you care? I think I am right! My precious daughter is more beautiful and well mannered than her. My daughter is more clever and capable too.”

Fiona glanced at Selena haughtily.

Jack understood what she really meant and said, “Mother, can you hang on to the ninety million for me? Let’s consider that as Selena’s dowry. You’re right, Selena’s dowry can’t be lesser than Cecilia.”

Fiona could not contain her glee. She could not believe her windfall from just dinner.

“Don’t worry! It’s not a gift to me. It’s Selena’s dowry.”

Jack smiled bitterly. He knew that Fiona would be unhappy if he did not give the money to her and would even blame him for offending the Gold family. If a little money could help her let go of what had happened, he would gladly offer it up.

Furthermore, he felt that he owed the Taylor family much more. Ninety million was nothing to him.

“Jack, are you sure you want to give this to mother? If you give it to her, will we have enough money for my birthday party? You only have a few million. I wouldn’t mind on usual occasions, but your advertisements are everywhere-the entire city knows about the party. If it’s not as grand as they imagined, we would be the laughing stock for everyone.”

Selena looked concerned and said, “I think what you have is roughly the same as what you won earlier.”

“My love, don’t worry about these matters. Leave the money talk to me. A few million is small money.”

Jack looked at Selena feeling worried and his heart softened. He was aware that Selena did not care much for the party-he knew that she just did not want him to appear like a fool and be looked down on by everyone.

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