No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0701

“What would you kill him for? You’ll marry Cecilia Taylor in the future and we’ll be in-laws with the Taylor family. We’re deemed as one family by then hence there’s no need to slit his throat.”

The head of the Gold family orated straightaway.

“Father, Jack is snobbish and always going about with his nose in the air! Okay. Let’s just forget the fact that he insulted you and Grandpa but for the deed he did to the Gold family today, killing so many of our men, don’t you desire to avenge the dead? Besides, if the words go out of these walls, what’ll be the outcome? It’s shame and humiliation toward the Gold family! We challenged the other party to duels, not once but nine times. And guess what? We lost all nine rounds! None of our men had won even one round! Isn’t that embarrassing?”

Kelly’s expression stayed frosty. The more he looked back on the occurrence, the deeper the irritation welled up in his chest.

“We can’t shove all the blame onto Jack for this. On the contrary, I think the fault is on you! Who asked you to make such a bet with him? Moreover, it’s not a small and casual one. And you kept emphasizing, what, ‘it’s not unheard of to die in fights’? Now that his bodyguard has killed ours, you were saying?”

Master Ezra was not particularly delighted with his son’s behavior—parading his superiority and desire to prevail over others. He thought that this son of his was too impulsive and reckless.

“Hmmm, if we really want to kill off this guy, it’s actually not that painful.”

Old Master Gold tittered and continued, “However, I don’t think there’s a need to kill him right now. Did he not keep on advertising that the birthday party that he’s going to throw for Selena Taylor, will shake the whole Eastfield? That this party will be the grandest and most indelible. Today, he’d shamed us all, so why don’t we return the favor on that day?”

“You’re right, Grandpa. If we end him right now, it would be too simple and painless for him. To shame him and humiliate him in front of thousands is a better idea!”

Old Master Gold’s utterance knocked some sense into Kelly, he nodded to agree. “It just so happened that Cecelia had the desire to compare with Selena, and suggested having our wedding on the same day as the birthday party. This is an excellent opportunity to avenge ourselves! Just imagine, when the day arrives, all relatives of the Taylor family will come to our wedding instead of Selena’s birthday banquet. Many guests of exalted rank will be present at our wedding and no one will go to theirs. Just the thought of it makes my mood soar!”

Old Master Gold bobbed to show unison. “When the time comes, we’ll need to gather as much information as possible about their party. If they’re preparing a dinner worth one hundred thousand dollars, then we’ll throw one that’s two hundred thousand. If they make it to five hundred thousand, we’ll raise it to eight hundred thousand. In short, we have to make Jack realize what true wealth is!”

A gentle smile appeared on Master Ezra’s face as well. “On that day, our event will be more magnificent and eye-catching than theirs will. By then, let’s see how he can stand by his promise—a party that will shake the foundation of Eastfield!”

“Yeah! They even made a countdown just for the birthday party! And we did not even use such exaggerated moves! We’ll wait until two or three days before the wedding and drop the bomb. It’ll be a total humiliation to them when their advertisements are louder than ours but the event is not as happening as ours! Such a shame!”

A contented smug appeared at the corners of Kelly’s mouth. The image of Jack’s vein popped out in his neck and Selena’s white blanched face was like a ray of warm sunshine flooding Kelly’s soul—he would be flabbergasted with joy.

“Kelly, get several men to challenge Jack’s female bodyguards someday.”

Nevertheless, Old Master Gold had abruptly invaded Kelly’s mind and broken his chain of imagination on Jack’s and Selena’s reactions. He did not expect such a question from Old Master Gold.

“Grandpa, what do you mean? What am I going to do with those female bodyguards?” Kelly’s brows drew together.

“These female bodyguards are no vases, all of them are very skilled fighters. The thing that makes me worried the most is that I feel that they haven’t revealed their full strength! Such combat prowess is no ordinary. So, try your best to find out, first, how much Jack pays them, then counteroffer with a higher pay and get them to work for the Gold family!”

Old Master Gold expressed his thoughts, slowly.

Young Master Gold stretched out his hand and gestured a thumbs up right after hearing Old Master Gold’s thoughts. “Smart! Grandpa, your plan is smart! Those ten female bodyguards are indeed powerful and strong. If we could get them to work for us, it’d be marvelous!”

“Jack will spew blood to death by then! Let anger consume him, shall we?”

The head of the Gold family laughed aloud at the proposition as well.

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