No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0702

The next morning, Kelly went out with a few bodyguards to execute their ultimate plan.

He waited until Jack and Selena were both out only then he spent some money to dig out information about the female bodyguards from some servant of the Taylor family.

When he finally got hold of the salary information of the ten beautiful bodyguards, his jaw dropped to the ground and his eyes widened. He was utterly shocked.

The combat strength and prowess of those bodyguards were beyond extraordinary. With such skill, fifty thousand dollars pay a month would not be an exaggeration.

The most overriding fact was that each of these gorgeous bodyguards possessed long and deceptively delicate legs. If the hirer was some young master of prominent families, they would be willing to pay everything, even if it breaks their bank!

“What the heck! And they’d actually agreed to this amount of pay?”

Young Master Gold was almost choking at his rage. He could not fathom what was on these female bodyguards’ minds, were they missing some brain cells? How could they have agreed to such a low pay, were they not self-derogating?

“Hmmm, Young Master, I think it’s good news. The lower their pay, the easier for us to persuade them to join us. Also, we’ll spend less money too, given that the starting pay is so low!”

A bodyguard of the Gold family addressed with a huge grin on his face, wanting to please his young master.

“You got a point!”

Young Master Gold nodded at his words. He and his bodyguards were standing far away from the villa, paying attention to the situation inside the villa’s gate and waiting for the golden opportunity.

After like a century, finally, there were two shadows. Orchid and another lovely bodyguard showed up at the main gate of the villa. They seemed like they were preparing to go shopping.

“Finally, the opportunity is here!”

Kelly smiled slightly at the sight before him, and soon he ordered a few of the bodyguards to tail the two beauties together with him.

Not long after Orchid and the other cute bodyguard left the villa, they sensed somebody was behind them. Both halted and wheeled back immediately.

“Oh, it’s Young Master Gold. are you upset about what happened yesterday, that none of you managed to defeat us? And you brought all these men with you to create trouble this early? Trying to use the number to press against us, to kill us?”

Orchid sneered with a frosty cold tone when she realized the sickos that were tailing them were Young Master Gold and his bodyguards.

“Chill! It’s a misunderstanding!”

Kelly let out an awkward chortle and approached nearer to the two, and explained, “Oh, my two beautiful ladies, you’ve really misunderstood me. How could I let someone tail you and harm you? Look, both of you are skilled fighters with high vigilance. Hence, even if I wanted to do sneak attacks, it’s impossible to succeed! It’s dumb for me to do that!”

“Hmph! Good to know that you’ve used your brain!”

With Orchid’s arms crossed in front of her chest, she jeered with a stoic tone.

“My ladies, we’re actually looking for you to discuss some business with you.”

Kelly explained with a pretentious smile plastered on his face.

“Some business? What do you want?”

Orchid and the other female bodyguard exchanged glances, both looking perplexed at the statement.

“Yup! I noticed this iron fact yesterday, that all nine of you, wait, no, there’s another beauty. All ten of you are strong combatants and your fighting prowess are incomparable! It’s really rare to have ten lovely masters of fighting… How wonderful!”

Kelly said it with a broad mischievous grin on his face, as though he was a greedy moneylender.

An obvious irritation washed over Orchid’s face, she barked impatiently. “Stop talking bullsh*t! If you have something to say, just spit it out! Don’t tell me you came here all the way just to praise us!”

“What a clever girl! And yes, I came here for an important business. I got to know that your combined salary is only twenty thousand dollars per month, which is way too little for a skilled fighter like you!”

Young Master Gold put on a faint smile, and extended his left palm, showing a figure five, “Fifty thousand dollars! How about the Gold family pays you fifty thousand per month? Quit your job and work for us!”

“Young Master Gold, let’s forget what you’ve said just now. Fifty thousand? We’re not interested at all!”

Orchid rejected his proposal straightaway without showing any hint of hesitation.

“Yep! You want us to quit our job? Dream on!” The other beautiful bodyguard refused Kelly’s proposition as well, without thinking twice.

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