No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0705

“Ahem! Jack, since it’s a rare opportunity to gather everyone for lunch, today the bill is on me!” All of sudden, Fiona blurted, followed by a giggly laugh.

Jack and Selena instantly looked at each other, their eyes full of disbelief. The thought of Fiona being generous and treating everyone to lunch with her own money had never crossed their minds.

“Mother, are you sure? I’ll pay for it, alright? Don’t worry about it!”

A pretentious modesty appeared on Jack’s face, he smiled and offered to pay.

“I’m just so happy today. Besides, I’m loaded now, no longer the old Fiona—poor and impecunious. It’s only lunch, I’ll pay for it!”

Fiona chortled in return, her mood obviously high and good.

“Tsk tsk, it’s not easy for a person to change, Ma. You used to be such a stingy person. You wouldn’t pay even if someone gave you money. I never imagined that you would suddenly have the conscience to do so now!” Ben said, grinning.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean I was stingy? We were poor before. I was being frugal, got it? Someone like me is more suited to manage money!”

Fiona rolled her eyes at Ben. “Eat all you want, everyone,” she told the entire family. “Just order more wine if you think it’s not enough. The bill can come up to ten thousand, a hundred thousand—it doesn’t matter!”

“Hear that? Did you hear that? My mom just said that. Let’s eat. Don’t be shy!”

Ben said with a huge grin.

At that moment, a middle-aged man was seen in front of the Green Sky Hall’s entrance. He brought quite a few people and went straight in.

The head of Green Sky Hall, Hector, immediately frowned when he saw the middle-aged man leading the group. He then went forward to welcome them with a smile. “Oh my. What’s going on? The head of the Eagle Clan is gracing my hall today. I did have a feeling that an esteemed guest was coming to visit today, but never did I imagine that it would be you, Master Neuman!”

Lee Neuman, the head of the Eagle Clan gave a wan smile. “Master Zaborowski, I have a matter to discuss with you today,” he said. “Let’s talk inside. It’s not convenient out here with so many people around!”

“Oh. Alright then!”

Hector nodded his head, smiling. He only brought a few of his most trusted fighters and they headed back in, along with the leader of the Eagle Clan. “Master Neuman, you’re being too courteous. Just call me Mr. Zaborowski. That’s what my men call me. It feels strange if you call me ‘master’.”

“It doesn’t matter if I call you Master Zaborowski or Mr. Zaborowski. It doesn’t change the fact that you call the shots here!”

Lee burst into laughter. The group quickly filtered into a receiving hall and settled themselves on the seats.

“Alright, Master Neuman. There are no outsiders here. You can say whatever you want to say now. The last time we saw each other must have been two years ago. You wouldn’t come to see me if nothing was going on!”

Hector was still smiling. He looked warm and friendly on the surface.

Lee’s countenance shifted, turning heavier. He looked straight at Hector. “Not too long ago, 300 men from the Eagle Clan died,” he said. “They were killed in the forest outside the city. One of them was part of my cadre—Baldy! Have you heard of this incident, Master Zaborowski?”

Hector picked up his teacup and slowly took a sip from it. Then he nodded his head. “Of course, I’ve heard of it. I even heard that it was a lone murderer. Tsk tsk. A man with such strength is frightening indeed. He must at least be a marshal!”

Lee shook his head. “I think even a marshal doesn’t possess that kind of strength. Among the 300 men, quite a number were masters within the Eagle Clan. You know as well as I do that the Eagle Clan is among the best of all the Halls. Now among the Four Fighters, only three are left. If my guess is correct, it’s highly improbable that the murderer is a marshal. Rather, it’s highly likely that he’s a King of War!”

“A King of War?”

Hector drew his brows together when he heard the phrase ‘King of War’. “It’d be a huge problem if you provoke a King of War.”

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