No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0709

“Why are we still meeting them then, if they’re not that reliable and can’t guarantee us victory?”

The elder furrowed his brows and asked again.

Lee gave a bitter smile. “Wouldn’t it be better if we made an ally with the Wilson family while we’re forming an alliance with Green Sky Hall? Firstly, let’s go meet the Wilson family and propose an alliance. But don’t rush it. We’ll plan our next move once we have Green Sky Hall in the alliance!”

“But won’t it be difficult to get Green Sky Hall onboard? Hector already expressed that he didn’t want to face Jack with us just now!”

A middle-aged woman chimed in, frowning, “Unless you have some other plan in mind, Master?”

“Of course, I have a plan!”

Lee burst into guffaws. “It’s impossible that Hector doesn’t hate Jack. He just wants to watch from the side-lines because he fears that we are no match for Jack. He even reminded us of the Wilson family on purpose, hoping that we will cooperate with them and get rid of Jack. As for them, they won’t have to lift a finger, and their enemy would be gone. Hmph. Did he really think I wouldn’t see through his schemes?”

The middle-aged woman clenched her hands into fists when she heard that. “Hmph. What an old fox. He meant to use us as fodder!”

The elder asked, “Then how should we drag Green Sky Hall into this, Master? It’ll be very difficult for us if they refuse to join us!”

“Didn’t they say that they wouldn’t sell photos to the foreign organization anymore? I don’t believe a word of it!”

Lee chuckled and said, “We’ll get a few of our bravest men to pretend to be from Green Sky Hall and go around secretly taking pictures. Then we’ll get Jack to find out and pin the blame onto Green Sky Hall.”

“Amazing. Your plan is absolutely amazing, Master. It’d be difficult for them to refuse to join our alliance then!”

A few of the fighters surrounding him nodded their heads. They could not help but admire their master’s intelligence.

“Let’s go and see the Wilson family!”

Lee waved his hand. He and his men drove straight toward the Wilson family’s estate.

“F*ck. That stupid Jack. My face still hasn’t recovered!”

A few days had passed since the party incident. Michael rubbed his face. It still felt a little swollen.

However, the injuries were barely noticeable from a glance. He would probably recover fully in one or two days.

“Dad, you must avenge me!”

Michael looked at his father, almost bursting into tears.

“Of course!”

David looked at his son, expression solemn. “Don’t worry. I’ve spent quite a lot of money lately to hire a few fighters to be our bodyguards,” he said, “I even recruited some from other cities. They’re all pretty strong. Jack won’t live for very long.”

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