No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0713

Flynn spoke with such hatred, and he gritted his teeth in fury and bitterness.

“Don’t wear yourself out over this. The people I’ve dispatched are ready to give Jack a good beating without killing him. We still need to wait for him to make a fool of himself and die painfully during Selena’s birthday party.” With a cynical grin on his face, Ken then took out his phone to make a call.

Not a second later, more than a dozen people walked out from an alley, seemingly dubious and shady-looking.

Flynn frowned as he looked at the people slowly emerging from the alley. “Are these people reliable, Ken?”

“Don’t worry. I was afraid of exposing myself so I employed gangsters, but there are several strong ones among them, and they’re definitely reliable!” Ken said confidently. “Of course, they’re no match to a not-poisoned Jack, but as luck would have it, he’s weakening due to the poison as we speak. It’s been days now, and he definitely seems to be unaware. Rest assured: these people could give him a good one-two.”

Still, Flynn was considerably worried—and rather surprised—when he saw four stunning ladies with Jack. “Look at him. He has four women with him, and the words ‘Taylor family’s bodyguard’ are written on their clothes… I wonder what these four women are like.”

“We never heard of Jack employing bodyguards. F*ck!” Ken cursed the wind. “Now that Xena isn’t with them, we won’t get updates about them in real-time.”

Once he gave the women a once-over, Ken then surmised, “It should be fine. Look at those four women. Do they look like bodyguards? All of them have long legs, fair skin and pretty faces. Well, there’s no reason to fret. They’re no match for a gang this many in number, and that’s for sure!”

Flynn nodded, agreeing to Ken. “Jack is really good at employing bodyguards, I’ll give him that. All of them are so pretty. I don’t think he’s employing bodyguards… I think he’s getting his hands on women!”

“My thoughts exactly,” snapped Ken. “This womanizer! Selena loves him so much, but he might’ve had secret affairs with these women since long ago. That irks me so much! And here I am, holding Selena so dear to me and treats her so well. I don’t even mind that she’s married and has a child. How dare she ignore me! This is so frustrating!”

Orchid’s keen eyes noted the group of people walking toward them from afar, and she saw the unmistakable look of malice in their eyes. “Master, see those people there? They seem to be coming our way!”

“There are only a dozen people, so I’ll leave them to you guys.” With his child, Kylie in his arms, he gently spoke, “Kylie, turn your head away, don’t look forward now. You might be frightened of what’ll happen next. It might get brutal.”

The last thing Jack expected was for Kylie’s defiant, “No!” She then pouted. “I want to see how the pretty sisters fight the bad guys. I want to beat bad guys up when I’m older, too! I’ll beat anyone who bullies Mommy and Daddy!”

“This girl…” At a loss of words for a good while, he felt a warm sensation going through the fibers of his being. “Alright. Since you’re brave enough, you can look.”

Turning to his bodyguards, Jack then ordered, “If they make a move, you fight back, but don’t kill anybody so you don’t scare Kylie. Just give them a beating they’ll never forget!”

“Yes, Master!” Orchid and the group nodded.

The gangsters acted nonchalant—somewhat unsuspicious—as they came closer, but they instantaneously reacted once they came close enough to Jack and his company.

“Beat them!” yelled one of the people with dyed-blonde hair, and everyone else rushed toward Jack not a moment later.

All four beautiful female bodyguards encompassed Jack and his family defensively. They attacked at the same time.

In just a blink of an eye, the gangsters dropped like flies as they moaned and writhed in pain.

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