No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0714

“How’s that possible? There are a dozen of them! Hasn’t it only been a few seconds? Every single one has fallen!” Ken’s jaws nearly dropped to the ground when he saw the turn of events, at how the gangsters were defeated so fast.

“Didn’t you say that the people you employed were reliable, Ken? Look: We failed to even test that guy’s true power. He hadn’t even done anything, and all our people had already fallen!” The expression Flynn was wearing was equatable to unadulterated fury as his chest heaved.

“This is an accident, Flynn. This is definitely an accident! I never thought these girls would be so skilled!” Ken smiled sheepishly. He could only watch as Jack swiftly walked away and left in their car.

“These female bodyguards aren’t weak!” said Flynn after he composed himself from his thoughts. “Since you’re afraid that Jack would recognize the bodyguards you normally have with you, my only remaining choice is to call and get the masters from the Young family.”

Ken nodded after he thought about it. “Agreed. Make the call, and make sure you get several good ones. However, it’s best if you don’t tell your parents about what happened to your leg for the time being. I’m afraid that they’ll be so angry that they’ll go after Jack the moment they knew what had actually happened. If that happens, we won’t be able to see Jack dying painfully during Selena’s birthday party!”

Flynn nodded and agreed to it. “Right. We can’t let this guy die so easily!”

“Jack, do you know who those people are? Why are they after us?” Although those people were no rivals of their bodyguards, Selena was still worried.

Their family was exposed for all eyes to see while the enemy hid behind shadows. It was difficult to hide from these people if they were constantly ambushed!

Behind the wheels, Jack frowned. “I really don’t know about this. There’s a possibility that it’s Ivan. I did beat him up, after all. Michael must hate me too, so there’s that. Of course, it seems that it might be Ken and Young Master Hugo. Apart from that, I also offended the so-called Green Sky Hall and ended their businesses that earned money. It could be them…”

Then, Jack’s eyes brightened as he exclaimed, “Oh, yes! Young Master Gold from the Gold family also lost something last night. If he’s narrow-minded, it might be him!”

Selena was speechless; it only occurred to her how many people Jack had offended without her knowing it. Guessing the perpetrator’s identity would be a difficult task indeed.

Mulling over her thoughts for a moment, a thought then stood out among the rest as she exclaimed, “Oh my god! Could it be that the Xenos family from the Sky City had come for us? Didn’t you say that the Xenos family is very powerful? I heard that they’re almost like the Drake family. We’re in so much trouble if it’s them”

Selena was even worried as she continued, frowning as she did, “This is really bad. How are you able to offend so many people? Dear me… What should we do? If it’s people from the Xenos family, then—”

Noting that his wife’s nerves were frazzled, Jack quickly assured her, “Honey, don’t worry. I can assure you that it’s not people from the Xenos family. They’re a strong family, so they would’ve come with a group of strong bodyguards. I’ve killed the master’s son, so isn’t it right that the patriarch comes forward?”

Jack then added, “Those people are just gangsters, and the Xenos people wouldn’t come with these people if they wanted revenge. Those gangsters seem to be from our Eastfield!”

Hearing her husband’s explanation, Selena relaxed as she petted her chest and muttered, “Oh, thank goodness… It’s best if it’s not the Xenos family. We’re lucky that all ten bodyguards that you’ve employed are quite good. I’d say that people with subpar skills won’t break a sweat for our bodyguards.”

“Yes! The pretty sisters are so strong! It’d be so good if I can be as good as them when I grow up!” chirped Kylie as she giddily clapped with her delicate hands.

“Don’t worry! A child with clever and intelligent parents will grow up to be just like them. Kylie, you’ll be an extremely strong person when you grow up. If not, you’re not worthy of being my daughter!”

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