No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0718

Not long after, Ken brought the group to a hotel, had a private room and ordered some dishes.

Once they had finished ordering, Ken looked at Xena and asked, “Miss Xena, are you sure Jack drank the poison we gave you?”

Xena was startled at the question and looked somewhat uncertain before she replied, “Yes, I saw him drink it with my own eyes. I even passed him the mineral water myself. I saw him drink half a bottle in one go and threw the remaining into the dumpster.”

“You didn’t remember wrongly, no?” Ken asked again, still in doubt of what had actually gone down.

“Of course not. I remember everything clearly! He definitely drank it,” came Xena’s defense. “Why? Young Master Clark, what’s going on? Are you suspecting that I’m lying?”

A thought occurred to Xena, and her expression immediately turned cold. “I risked my life and worked undercover for you guys. Do you know how nervous I was? I was so afraid that Jack would catch onto what I was doing, and I could only take a breather when I saw him drinking water from that mineral bottle. How dare you suspect I’m lying!”

Ivan turned to Ken and said, “Young Master Clark, what happened exactly? Why would you ask Xena this? She doesn’t need to lie to us, even if she didn’t succeed.”

It was only then when Ken said, “It’s been more than a dozen days since Jack took the poison, right? The poison would’ve taken effect after ten days, and we’re all waiting for him to die painfully during Selena’s birthday. However, I’ve sent two different groups of people out to get him. I wanted to test how his body was faring, and I wanted to exact vengeance.”

Ivan and Young Master Taylor looked at each other, somewhat excited when they heard this.

“How was it? It isn’t possible that his body has no symptoms, right?” fretted Xena.

Ken took a deep breath and stated, “I think he’s not poisoned. The first time I sent people after him, nothing much happened since he had his bodyguards with him. The second time, my cousin, Flynn asked several masters from the Young family over, and…”

Ken halted for a good while before he anxiously remarked, “I think Jack’s got fighting capabilities rivaling that of a marshal.”

“A marshal?” The faces of Ivan and the others darkened. If that was the case, it would be very difficult to get rid of Jack.

“No wonder! It’s no wonder the pretty assassin we hired previously was unable to kill this guy. He had been hiding his true strength!” Neil instantly blurted as he soon remembered something.

“That’s impossible. I don’t think that’s possible!” Ivan shook his head. “Why would he hide his true strength if he’s a marshal? Why didn’t he tell the Taylor family? If that’s the case, the old master would definitely be pleased with that. More importantly, Fiona and the others would’ve accepted him happily the moment he came back from his time in the army!”

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