No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0719

Xena—who sat by the side—was deep in thought with a frown.

It was not long until her eyes soon brightened up and she exclaimed, “I get it! This guy must’ve been afraid of Fiona, Ben, and the others spending his money! That must be it! I heard that majors come back with a billion dollars as a reward from the government when they retire. If this guy’s a marshal, he might have a few billion with him, right?”

Ivan also immediately nodded. “That’s right, that’s right. This one’s plausible. This guy might’ve wanted to hide the fact that he has a lot of money.”

Ken, on the other hand, wore a tight smile on his face. “You guys are definitely imagining things. If Jack has several billion, I’ll write my name wrongly.”

“If that’s the case and you don’t think so, what do you think the reason is, Young Master Clark? Apart from being a marshal himself, I can’t think of any other reason for his unwillingness for Fiona, Ben, and the others to spend his money!” Xena confidently folded her arms across her chest; she believed she was right.

Ken smiled indifferently and commented, “I went through the idea with my cousin before, and we both feel that Jack couldn’t present the token despite claiming he’s a head commander. He’s no head commander, that’s for sure. He’s definitely not some team leader; he has to be just some regular, run-off-the-mill soldier.”

Xena cackled, followed by her rebuttal, “How’s that possible? Didn’t you say it yourself that Jack’s fighting ability is somewhat like a marshal’s? How can he be a normal soldier? Aren’t you contradicting your own words? You’re getting off-track here!”

“Yes, his fighting power was almost like a marshal’s. Even if he’s not a marshal, he must be considered one of the strongest among the majors!”

Ken smiled indifferently and commented, “What does it mean if he’s so powerful but is just a normal soldier? It means that he must’ve done something wrong during his time in the army, and he couldn’t keep his title.”

Ivan finally understood what Ken’s train of thoughts was soon after. “I get it now! He’d surely be scolded by Fiona and the others if he says that he has a title of either a marshal, or a major, or a head commander but couldn’t keep it. Moreover, it’d be rather shameful if others heard about this, right?”

Finally, Xena and Neil also caught on. It seemed that Jack was ashamed to tell this to the others, so he kept his actual strength and the true situation a secret.

Neil soon remembered something and said, “Hey, if Jack used to be some head commander or major, would the country still reward him now that he’s a veteran?”

“The country will,” came Ken’s reply. “I heard someone talking about this before. After all, people who were once majors still made huge contributions to the country. The country wouldn’t abandon people like Jack who was in the army for five years, and they’d surely give these people a reward or two.”

Ken paused before he added, “However, for people like Jack who’s made mistakes and were demoted to a normal soldier, the rewards might go from one billion to two or three hundred million. If the rewards were originally two to three billion, it might’ve been reduced to five hundred million. The money would’ve been decreased by quite a lot.”

As they talked among themselves, Xena then recalled something. “If Jack really was a marshal like the estimation of Young Master Clark, doesn’t that mean he has around five to six hundred million now?” It was as though she was hit with a Eureka moment; as though she had seen through everything. “No wonder… It’s no wonder that guy could claim he’s going to host a huge city-stirring birthday party for Selena. This guy had to have a few hundred million with him right now; four to five hundred million at least!”

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