No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0722

“Bring nothing but shame to himself? What are you talking about? He can host an extravagant birthday party if he has the money, right? Why will it be shameful for him?” Both Ken and Neil were stunned at Ivan’s sudden burst of confidence.

Ivan laughed heartily before he replied, “It’s because one of my cousins is getting married. Do you guys know Cecilia? She’s getting married to the Gold family’s young master. Nevermind the other details, but Cecilia is holding her wedding dinner on the same day as Selena’s birthday party. One is a wedding, the other is a mere birthday party. Which one do you think Old Master Taylor and members of the Taylor family will attend?” Ivan cackled again, and his eyes gleamed with pure satisfaction. “I really like Cecilia. She’s obviously doing this to Selena on purpose!”

“Pro move!” chortled Ken as he clapped gleefully. “Now that we’ve helped Jack with the ads, the entire city is aware of the birthday party. He’ll be in so much shame if so many seats are prepared for the party but no one is attending!”

“Oh yes, this cousin of yours is really amazing! She didn’t choose any other day but insisted to choose the same day as Selena’s party! That’s really amazing!” beamed Neil, a huge grin on his face as he did. “Even if Jack changes the date now, he can’t escape the people’s mockery. After all, it’s not good to change dates for something as important as a birthday party. It doesn’t help him that the party has been advertised all over the place!”

Ivan laughed again, elated at how the tables had turned. “I rang up Cecilia after I heard what happened, just to get the entire story. She told me that Jack was really stubborn and refused to change the dates. He insisted on having the party on the same day as Cecilia’s wedding. This guy is asking for it! Serves him right.”

“Serves him right, indeed. He’ll suffer if he insists on saving his face. If he eventually decides to shift their party to two days early, people from the Taylor family might be there. If that’s the case, he wouldn’t be in such an embarrassing situation. The Taylors will definitely attend Cecilia’s wedding instead of Selena’s birthday party at this rate. It’s hard for them to not feel embarrassed!” Xena giggled, obviously pleased as well.

“Not moving the party to earlier dates is a good thing. If he doesn’t do that, how can we see the moment when he succumbs to the poison at the party? Am I not right?” Neil laughed and raised his wine glass. “It’s decided then. We’ll sit back and wait to see how Jack will die twenty days from now.”

“Alright! Cheers!” Ken and the others stood up and had an early celebration.

The next morning, Jack went to work at the Drake family’s residence as usual.

Meanwhile… A man appeared in the Eagle Clan’s operating base and came toward Lee with a smile on his face. “Chief, great news! I’ve retrieved good information!”

Pleased with this, Lee replied, “Really? Did you find information that the people from Green Sky Hall are still secretly taking photos of others?”

The man nodded. “Not only did they secretly take photos, but they even sold those photos to some websites and made deals with a mysterious power overseas without anyone knowing. Apart from that, we have news that they’ll trade at City God Temple, located on the outskirts of Seven Dragons’ Mountain. That temple is already in ruins, and they often trade there.”

Downright elated with this, Lee went to the masters and hosted a discussion among themselves.

In the afternoon, at the Drake family’s residence…

“Hey, Jack,” greeted Tanya. “It’s been a long time since we played billiards. Come play with us. Do you know how?” Tanya smiled and glanced at Jack. This guy grew increasingly handsome the more she looked at him. She had no idea why, but she noticed she grew giddy whenever he came to work.

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