No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0723

“Billiards? I’ve never played that, but if Miss Tanya wants to go out and play, I’ll follow you. After all, I’m your bodyguard.” Jack smiled, at ease when he noted the time—two in the afternoon—and Sharon was nowhere in sight.

It appeared Sharon finally understood and conceded from trying to win him over. Although what he said during the previous meal they had was slightly overboard, the aftereffect was worth it. At the very least, this girl stopped pestering him.

As he was about to leave in a car with Tanya and Yvonne, something unexpected happened. A sports car followed by several Audis entered the grounds and was parked not far away from where they were.

“Hey, Tanya! Are you guys heading out? It seems like I’ve made it just in time. You would’ve been long gone if I came a little later!” There was a small yet sweet smile on Sharon’s face. She looked like a fashionista with her sunglasses on, and her black hair was styled into big wavy curls.

Jack was dumbfounded when Sharon made her appearance. It seemed that his way of blatantly rejecting her and cozying up with Selena did not work.

Before all this, Sharon was not even familiar with both Tanya and Yvonne and seldom kept in touch, but Sharon had been coming over a little too often. If it was not for him, what was it for?

Even the Drake family bodyguards were discussing this in private; all of them wished that they were Jack. They wondered if Jack was a dumb guy as he turned down the persuasion of such a pretty woman.

“Yes, you’re right on time. It seems like you’ve gone for a hair-do this morning, no? This hairstyle looks good!” Tanya smiled and said to Sharon, “We’re going to play billiards. How about that? Do you want to come with us?”

“Billiards? That sounds good!” Sharon giggled. “Although I’m not very good at it, I play it all the time. Let’s go!”

Sharon did not even exit her car and chirped, “Lead the way!”

Her eyes then shifted to Jack, then to the empty passenger seat beside her. “Jack, you don’t have to drive; there’s not enough space for everyone. Come, I’ll be your driver just this once.”

Tanya and Yvonne glanced at each other after they heard this, and they had to stifle their giggles.

“Alright. Since Miss Sharon doesn’t dislike me, I’ll take up your offer graciously.” Jack smiled bitterly. Since she made the invitation, it seemed too abrupt to reject her. Apart from that, would it not seem too cowardly if he did not even sit next to her?

Sharon was inwardly happy when she saw Jack agreeing to her suggestion. Once Jack got in, Sharon tailed after Tanya and Yvonne’s car that left first.

“Jack, does… Does my hairstyle look good?” Sharon could not help it. She had to ask him as she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

At a loss of words, Jack merely answered, “It looks good.”

“That’s great. Nothing is more important than you feeling that it looks good!” At that moment, Sharon felt butterflies in her stomach.

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