No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0727

“What does this have to do with you? Whoever I like has nothing to do with you! Besides, can any of you match up to his brilliance?”

Sharon was extremely furious. However, the moment she remembered that Jack was right beside her, she forced herself to maintain the image of a well-behaved lady. She suppressed the rage within her and debated with the other man.

Jack could only give a wan smile before these clowns. “So you’re called Leo? Why did you ask me if I could play billiards, Young Master Leo?” he asked. “I don’t know how to play. After all, I was just a delivery boy before I was enlisted into the military!”

“I thought so. After all, to us, military people are just reckless fools. Naturally, you wouldn’t know of such a game of gentleman nature, since all you know is how to fight and kill!”

Leo chuckled, his expression disdainful. “I even thought of asking you to play a few rounds against me if you knew how to,” he said. “But it seems that I’m destined for disappointment. I’ll just play with Young Master Drake!”

“It’s true that I don’t know how to play. But I’ve watched a few rounds earlier. It doesn’t seem too hard. You just have to aim for the white ball and make sure you pocket another ball with it, right?”

Jack said after he thought for a while.

Quite a few of the men could not help but giggle when they heard this.

“You’re putting it way too easily, mister. This is a game of skill. Why would it be that easy? It requires technique to get the strength and angle right. Besides, did you really think that the game would be over after you pocket the balls belonging to you? And there are rules to billiards. This game we’re playing is called ‘snooker’. You’ve never heard of it, have you? playing against you? Forget about it!”

A man just straight up burst into laughter.

“Don’t speak such nonsense, Jack. A game like this isn’t that easy. People who don’t play it often can’t master it as well as those who have. Besides, I’ve played this for two years, but my skill is a far cry from that of my brother’s, Leo’s, and the others!”

Tanya tugged on Jack’s sleeve as she chided him. It was obvious that he knew nothing, from the way he spoke of it as though it was an easy game. If word got out about this, he would definitely be taken as the joke of the century by people who frequently played billiards.

“But we can’t just allow ourselves to be underestimated like that!”

Jack gave a bitter smile. Then he said to Tanya, “Why don’t you explain all the rules to me first? Teach me the techniques to play this game. Then I’ll have a little contest with this scoundrel.”

When they heard this, Tanya, Yvonne, and Sharon were all stunned speechless, to the point that they wanted to spew blood. This punk did not know the rules, and he still wanted to play against Leo? It was practically a throwaway match!

“Woah, woah, woah. Did you guys hear that? You heard that, right? This p*nk doesn’t even know the rules of the game. He doesn’t know which balls to pocket first, and which balls that follow after. And yet he wants a match against me?”

Leo immediately felt that it was funny when he heard those words. His friends also began to laugh.

Another young master from a wealthy family told Jack, “Let me tell you this, punk. Our Young Master Leo here can pocket 70 to 80 points in one sitting when he’s in good form. He’s even been dubbed as the ‘Prince of Billiards’. Very few here can match up against him. You’ve never played before, and you want to play against him? Are you kidding me?”

When he heard this, Jack turned toward Timothy. “If you put it that way, are you saying that Young Master Drake is an idiot as well? After all, Leo is the Prince of Billiards, but Young Master Drake still dared to play against him. Isn’t it obvious that he’s playing a losing game?”


Young Master Drake was extremely angry. That stupid punk—was daring enough to call him an idiot!

His expression instantly hardened. “The f*ck are you talking about, Jack?” he said. “You’re the bodyguard of the Drake family. It also means that I’m your master. And you dare to say something like that to me? Aren’t you afraid of getting fired?”

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