No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0728

He had thought that Jack would be scared to death when he said something like that. After all, he was a bodyguard who was paid 20 million dollars a month. It was probably the only job in the entire Eastfield that paid that much. Who knew how many people would clamor after it?

He would not have spared this punk’s reputation if his father and the others did not suspect that there was something more to Jack—that this brat was hiding his true identity.

After all, this punk raked in such a huge salary, yet he seemed not to care about his family, coming whenever he liked and leaving whenever he pleased. More importantly, his father and his sister were pleased with him.

Furthermore, during Old Man Taylor’s seventieth birthday party, this punk claimed that he had lost his badge. Would a King of War use such a tactic to hide his identity?

Everyone thought that he was a marshal. Even then, it might not be true.

“I’m not scared of words like that. Did you really think I wanted to be a bodyguard for your family? If your family didn’t help mine, and if you hadn’t helped my wife to find a job, I would have had zero interest in being a bodyguard for your family!”

Jack chuckled. “Besides, it was Miss Tanya who gave me the job,” he said nonchalantly. “You have no say in it!’


Timothy was practically on fire. This punk actually dared to say something like that right in front of his friends. Jack did not care about embarrassing him at all.

Leo tugged on Timothy, noticing that he was steaming from the ears. “Hey, why are you getting so worked up over a bodyguard when you’re the young master of the Drake family?” he reminded the other man. “Who are you, and who is he? How can he ever compare to you!”

Timothy dusted the sleeves of his shirt and straightened himself. “Well…”

“Oh, right. Hey punk, you said that billiards is easy, right? Then why don’t you play against me? Ten million dollars per round. What do you say? Since you’re so gung-ho about it, do you dare to have a match against me? We always play ten million dollars per round. I have no interest in a wager smaller than that!”

Leo’s features were twisted into a goading expression as he spoke to Jack, “I think you should just forget about it, a layman like you trying to play a gentleman’s game such as this.”

“Why not? But I’m not interested in a wager of ten million dollars per round. If we play, let’s play big. One hundred million per round. And let’s play ten rounds. Do you dare to do it?”

No one expected Jack to retort after he heard that, chuckling.

Leo had just wanted to stir Jack into a fury. He never thought that he would actually accept the bet—and not only that, he even proposed to raise the wager to one hundred million dollars per round.

“Are you nuts, Jack?”

Shock jolted up Tanya’s spine. “You can’t just agree to that even if you’re betting on your pride!” she protested. “You’ve never played billiards before. How are you going to beat him?”

“Yeah. One hundred million dollars per round is too much. If you’re not convinced of that, then just take it down to ten million dollars per round. You’ll still get a chance to play against him!”

Yvonne also chimed in to advise him, “Besides, it’s obvious that he wants to get a rise out of you. Can’t you see that?”

“That’s right. Don’t agree with that, Jack. Don’t bet with him!”

Sharon said as well.

Yet Jack did not care about their protests at all. “What do you say?” he said to Leo. “Are you daring enough to play with one billion on the table?”

Leo replied, smiling, “Are you serious, p*nk? Sure thing. But I truly suspect that you don’t have that much cash on you right now.”

“Don’t worry about me. Just worry about yourself. If I can’t pay up at the end, I’ll just chop my hand off and offer it to you. How about that?”

Jack said, smiling coldly.

Although he did not play this game before, he had been observing it from a distance a while ago. He felt that it was not too difficult. The only thing was that he did not know the rules of the game.

“Sure thing. But you still don’t know the rules. How about this? Young Master Drake and I will put on a free show for you. You just stand at the side and watch us play. We’ll explain the game as we go along. How about that?”

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