No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0729

Leo smiled as he spoke to Jack.

“Okay. You better be sure of this. I won’t let you off if you can’t fork out that much money by the end of all this!”

Jack agreed, nodding his head.

Leo smirked instead. “I’ve won quite a lot lately. I have at least 5 hundred million in my credit balance now. I don’t believe that you’ll beat me more than five times in ten games!”

“Anyway, if you want to win more than five games in ten rounds, you have to win at least eight and lose two. If you win seven and lose three, then you’ll only get four hundred million dollars!”

Another man grinned. “Furthermore, it’s practically impossible for someone like you to win, seeing as how you’ve never played this in your entire life.”

Sharon thought about it, then she clenched her teeth and stood up. “Jack, you can’t just chop off your arm if you can’t afford to pay. If you can’t pay up, I’ll help you pay!”

Jack was slightly touched when he heard that. He would be losing a billion dollars if he lost ten games in a row. It was an enormous sum of money.

He never thought that Sharon would put herself forward and offer to pay for him.

“Have you thought about it?”

Jack looked straight at her and asked.

“Of course. Don’t worry. Fortunately, the George family is a first-class aristocratic family. We can afford to lose a billion dollars!”

Sharon replied confidently.

“But it’s a billion dollars. Aren’t you afraid that your parents would scold you?”

Jack felt speechless.

“Of course not. Besides, Papa and Mama like you a lot. They really want you as their son-in-law!”

As Sharon spoke, her cheeks grew redder. She could not help but duck her head out of embarrassment.

“But of course, a lovelorn woman is not a logical one!”

Timothy gave a frosty smile. “But now that Young Mistress George is standing up and offering to take the bill for this punk, Young Master Turner won’t have to worry about not getting his money any longer. His hand is of no use anyway, am I right?”

“Of course. A billion dollars is worth so much more than a hand from this p*nk!”

Leo guffawed, then he started the game. “Look closely, p*nk. It’s called a break-off shot.”

The two explained everything to Jack as they played, and Jack watched them very intently—how to control the opponent’s play, how to position the ball, among other things.

Leo and Timothy quickly finished their game. Timothy emerged victorious, and he had won by quite a big margin.

“F*ck. It’s a shame that we’re not placing bets on this round and just putting on a show for him!”

After he won, Timothy felt unsatisfied.

“Young Master Drake, can’t you tell that you’ve been played?”

Yet Jack chuckled coldly. “You won this round when there were no bets on the table. But in reality, it was Young Master Turner who had gone easy on you. It’s a pity that you’re so stupid that you couldn’t tell!”

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