No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0730

“What are you talking about, punk? How could I just go easy on someone when it’s about billiards?”

Leo was immediately agitated when he heard Jack’s words, shooting a glare toward him.

“The f*ck you talking about? Won’t I be able to tell if he was going easy on me?”

Timothy also spoke in a huff, “I’m a pretty good player!”

Yet Jack replied with a mirthless smile, “It’s precisely because he went easy on you that you can’t tell. His angle was off ever so slightly on purpose when he struck the ball, and pretended he almost pocketed a ball. He only needed to go easy once or twice during a game to allow you to win. Besides, you said it yourself—you’re a pretty good player!”

Here, Jack paused for a while before continuing in a leisurely tone, “Furthermore, I think you’ve thought about why he would go easy on you, Young Master Drake. Would you still play with him if he never went easy on you, and if you kept losing ten rounds out of ten games? Of course, he would need to let you win a few rounds to let you savor the happiness of winning a bet! But it’s obvious that overall, you lose more than you win. Let’s say that you lose more than one hundred million dollars today, he’ll probably let you win 20 million dollars the next day.”

Timothy’s expression darkened when he heard that. It was because he realized that whatever Jack said was true. Furthermore, Jack had never seen them play billiards before.

However, even after he had carefully thought about it, he still could not see how Leo had gone easy on him.

“What sh*t are you talking about! It’s just my bad luck that I lost more, that’s all. Sometimes I’m really just slightly off my game!”

Naturally, Timothy did not want to admit that he was a worse player compared than Leo. It was because he felt that he was already pretty skilled at the game, and was almost on par with Leo. If Leo truly went easy on him quite frequently, did that not mean that his friend was far, far stronger than him?

He would rather believe in Leo and the others than to lose face in this matter. Besides, Jack had no evidence to support his claims. He was just being ostentatious. It was possible that Jack was just trying to draw a rift between them, and so he said something like that.

“That’s right. It’s natural to win some and lose some when playing billiards, punk. We’re good friends with Young Master Timothy. How can we just do something like that to him?”

Leo also spoke up immediately.

After he said that, he was afraid that Jack would see right through his ruse, so he quickly changed the topic, “Cut the crap, punk. Are we still playing? We’ll play one hundred million dollars per round for ten rounds. And you can’t just give up halfway. For example, you can’t say that you want to withdraw after you lose one round. Withdrawing means that you automatically give up on the remaining nine rounds, and you’ll still have to pay me one billion dollars. Got it?”

“It–it’s so obvious that you’re bullying Jack because he’s new at this!”

Sharon was so angry that she stamped her foot against the ground. Leo was really a b*stard. They were putting a bet of ten billion dollars—ten whole billion dollars. It was not just a regular sum of money for a third-class aristocratic family.

“I’m bullying him? The f*ck are you talking about? I had proposed to play ten million dollars per round before. It’s this son-in-law from the Taylor’s who claimed that ten million was too little, raising it to one hundred million. Honestly, I’ve never placed such a big bet before either. It’ll definitely be exciting!”

Leo laughed and told Sharon.

Jack walked over straightaway and chose a cue stick. Then he walked toward Leo. “You’ve never placed such a big bet before? Then I hope that you won’t be so frightened by the numbers that you can’t be in your best form later—so scared that your hands begin to shake!”

The men in the area began to laugh. It was the first time that this punk was playing. He had just watched them play one round of billiards and had just gotten to know the rules. This was even his first time holding a billiard cue, and he actually dared to say something like that to the Prince of Billiards.

“Should you break, or will I have the honors?”

Leo smiled and asked Jack.

“You go ahead first. We’ll take turns breaking!”

Jack answered after he thought about it.

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