No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0732

“He pocketed another ball? Oh my!”

Tanya was jumping excitedly that her feet barely touched the ground. If the first score was due to luck then what about this time? Jack not only pocketed a six-pointer, but the cue ball stopped at a very strategic position where there were several easy red balls that could be pocketed with ease.

“It looks like Jack really knows how to plan the position of the cue ball!”

Sharon could barely conceal her excitement that her heavy breathing made her chest rose and fall repeatedly.

The boss of the place approached the group. He helped Jack to take out the ball that helped score the six-pointer from the pocket, set it nicely, and then smiled at Jack, “Young man, if this is your first time playing billiards, then you have learned it well. You’ll surely improve immensely after one or two days playing it!”

Jack flashed an indifferent smile in return. “Don’t worry, I’ve studied their play just now and I basically know how to hit and where to position the balls. As long as the aim is accurate and the strength is controlled well, it’ll be like shooting a gun. I was at master level in shooting when I was serving in the military!”

The crowd was at loss for words. How could this guy compare playing billiard to shooting guns?

“Stop spewing nonsense! Keep playing then. I don’t believe you’ll win the game!”

Leo tried his best to convince himself that this punk was like a blind cat who stumbled upon a dead rat—sheer luck. There were so many balls on the table yet to be pocketed anyway and each of them was in an excellent position however a minor mistake might just cost Jack his marks. As long as Jack made a mistake later, he would be able to come back in this game.

Furthermore, Jack, this punk was really bright. He actually saw through his ruse—he went easy on Timothy and lost the game on purpose.

After all, they did not place any bet on that game but was merely using it to explain the rules to Jack.

Moreover, he had won a lot of money from Timothy today. He just had to bring Timothy to some night club tonight and spent a couple hundred thousand on him to make him happy again. He not only won the money but at the same time also established a good relationship with Timothy. One stone killed two birds, why not?

The few hundred million in his credit balance were all from Young Master Drake these past few months or so. He would let Timothy win a few rounds occasionally, just to give him a sweet taste of winning.


Just when he was swimming in his thoughts, Jack pocketed another red ball, at the same time positioned the white cue ball into a very strategic spot. He could strike for a seven-pointer.

Concerns reared up within Leo as he noticed that Jack was aiming for the seven-pointer. He kept his panic in check and convinced himself that Jack was just a newbie, he would not score this round!

Nevertheless, the scene before him had made him tongue-tied. Another seven points went to Jack’s scoreboard. The strike was fast yet precise.

“Young Master Leo, do you think this punk is playing dumb about billiards? How could all these postures and striking techniques belong to a newbie?”

A guy who had been playing with Leo and the others all the while, came forward and voiced out his concerns to Leo.

“I don’t think he’s pretending. If he played it before, there’s no need to ask about the rules, right? Isn’t that act unnecessary?”

Leo’s forehead snapped together, not believing Jack was pretentious.

However, what made him speechless even more was that Jack had pocketed several balls in a row. The red balls on the table became fewer and fewer, and Jack’s marks on the scoreboard were increasing each time.

Finally, a seven-pointer did not enter the pocket.

Jack frowned at it, his face sunk, looking a little upset like a four-year-old boy.

“Damn, what a pity!”

Tanya breathed out a deep sigh at Jack’s last strike.

Sharon, on the other hand, switched her attention to the scoreboard and jumped excitedly. “Look, Tanya! Look at the points! Jack scored eighty points. He had actually scored a freaking eighty points in one go! This means that he has already won this round, and Leo has lost even if he finished off all the balls on the table!”

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