No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0733

“You’re right!”

Only then did the realization hit Tanya. Even if Leo pocketed all the remaining balls on the table, the highest score would only be sixty-seven, as the total point was only one hundred and forty-seven. And now Jack had scored more than half, did this not smell like victory?

“I…I won this round?”

Jack’s face went blank and confused, then he opened his mouth, “But…but aren’t there a few more balls on the table?”

“You… I’m speechless. The highest score that one can get is only 147 because the total point is only 147. You already scored 80 out of it. So, even if Leo finished off all the balls on the table, it’s impossible for him to score more than you!” Yvonne explained patiently.

“Sounds about right!”

Joy dawned on Jack then he looked at Leo. “Now, Young Master Leo, it’s your turn!”

At this point in time, Leo almost wetted his pants, sheens of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. This punk scored 80 points in one go. Even if he hit all the balls into the pockets, he had already lost!

“My turn your *ss! You win this round!”

Leo’s fury sprang to life that he practically yelled at the owner of the place, “Boss, reset the game! We’re going for the next round!”

The owner immediately went up and set up the balls. He shot Jack a thumbs up as he finished setting up the game. “Young man, amazing play! You’re a genius among geniuses! Before the games, I studied you and realized that you are indeed a newbie. The posture is not particularly correct, and you took several seconds to adjust the cue stick for a better angle. Besides, there are hints of hesitation in your eyes sometimes, but at the later part of the game, you became better and better.”

The owner’s high praise toward Jack was like a sharp needle, piercing through Leo and the others’ eardrums. They could feel a flicker of irritation thrumming through their veins.

Timothy prayed that Jack would lose the game too, and it would be even more delightful for him to see Jack lose one billion. Even if Sharon offered to pay, Jack would still owe her a great favor—one that could not be repaid easily.

Never did he expect that Jack would win the first round.

Leo shot Jack an icy-cold glare and barked, “I shouldn’t have scattered the balls in the last game. I guess I’ve underestimated you and that’s why you scored. This time, I won’t go easy on you.”

Jack let out an adorable chuckle, flung the cue stick, and struck the white cue ball. The white cue ball touched the red ball lightly and it spread out a little from its original position. The white cue ball on the other hand, bounced back and halted behind a two-pointer ball.


The crowd exclaimed aloud, rubbed their eyes, trying to see clearly the current position of the white cue ball. The white ball happened to be blocked by the two-pointer yellow ball, which made it impossible for Leo to hit the red ball directly.

“Sheer luck! Must be sheer luck!”

“This doesn’t look like it’s merely sheer luck. The position of the white cue ball is just perfect!”

“Jesus Christ, Jack is good!”

Sharon was bursting with joy that she did her little happy dance. The sight of Sharon’s bouncing chest when she did her little dance had made the crowds’ Adam-apples move up and down. The sight before them was just so phenomenal!

Everyone was excited and elated for the show except for Leo. His face twisted and several veins popped out in his neck. He thought that since Jack was a beginner, he would not know how to serve the first strike and scatter the balls on the table, then he would be able to pocket the remaining balls easily and take down this round.

The scene before him was truly out of his expectation. Now there was no chance for him to hit the red ball directly from where the white cue ball was at. He had to study and analyze the angle so that the white cue ball would hit the edge of the billiard table and bounce toward the direction of the red ball.


Leo was truly a good player; his billiard skill was not bad at all. He managed to find an accurate angle for the white cue ball to hit the red ball.

However, he had also spread out the red ball further than before, leaving Jack an excellent stance to score!

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