No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0735

Jack let out a loud chuckle in return upon hearing Leo’s words. He smiled, “Sure, Young Master Leo, if you want to pull out now, that’s okay too. But you have to transfer me a billion rather than two hundred million, right?”

Jack paused for a while and then continued, “Before the game, you’d clearly mentioned that we have to play ten rounds and can’t just give up halfway. And if you want to withdraw right now, it means that you automatically give up on the remaining eight rounds. In that case, you have lost ten games!”

Leo’s mouth twitched slightly at Jack’s reminder. He had indeed said all these rules before the game, but he had never thought that Jack would be so strong. The thought of him losing billiard to a newbie like Jack had never crossed his mind!

He had already lost two hundred million. Even if his brain chose to continue playing, his heart would collapse before anything.

“Stop spewing nonsense. I quit! Just give me your account number and I’ll transfer you two hundred million dollars. Who asked you to lie about your skill and told us that you’ve never played it before. You’ve clearly played billiard before and are skilled at it!”

Leo tightened his jaw and gritted his teeth. He denied whatever rules they set like a spoiled kid.

Jack swung his arm with the billiard cue stick in his hand and pointed it at Leo. His head tilted slightly upward, with a cold tone, he said, “I didn’t lie. I learned those techniques by myself when I was watching both of you play a moment ago. If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it too. But you have only two options now, one is to admit defeat and transfer me 1 billion dollars, and the second option is to finish the remaining eight rounds. In case you’re fortunate, you might win one round, who knows right?”

The corners of Leo’s mouth vibrated again. This punk was totally insane. What did the punk say again? In case he was lucky, he might win one round?

According to Jack’s performance in the first two rounds, it was not hard to see that Jack was getting better and better in striking and aiming, which made Leo insecure about the outcome. He had a strong premonition of not winning any of the remaining rounds.

“Hey, don’t press too much, will ya? You’re merely a bodyguard in the Drake family! If it weren’t for Timothy or the Drake family, we’d have been greeting you with our fists!”

There was one guy in the crowd who appeared to be a good friend of Leo. He immediately stepped forward and sneered at Jack angrily.

“He’s right! I played two rounds with you and promised to give you two hundred million. What else do you want? If it weren’t for Young Master Timothy, we wouldn’t give you a penny not to mention two hundred million! And by then what can you do to us, huh?”

Another took two-steps forward, his tone was arrogant.

Leo felt slightly calmer and a little bit more confident in his heart when he saw two of his friend speaking up for him. He snarled at Jack, “Brat, I’ll give you two hundred million, tell me your account number if you want it. Otherwise, we’re leaving to a bar to hang with Young Master Timothy since it’s almost party time.

At this time, Jack slid the cue stick in his hand and blocked them from continuing their pathway. “I’ll not repeat it again. You will either continue to play with me or admit defeat and give me one billion. It’s as simple as that. But, if you dare to step out the compartment directly, you’re digging your own grave!”

“What the f*ck! You’re only a stinky piece of sh*t who had just returned from the military. What right do you have to act snobbishly?”

The first man that stood up for Leo had taken another step toward Jack and barked, “Get the f*ck out of my way!”

“Stinky piece of sh*t?”

This friend of Leo possessed the attitude that Jack hated the most—looking down upon the soldiers. They had sacrificed so much for Daxia, for the people of Daxia. Many of them had even given their lives to Daxia and would never be able to return home.

Now, this thug before him had actually insulted him and his comrades, and even despising them?

Jack did not hesitate and flicked the cue stick and sent it in a head-on collision toward the opponent’s arm.

Jack did not seem to use too much strength, but the man felt as though his bones were about to be powdered; his face grimaced and cried in great pain.


At this moment, Timothy shot up from his seat and reprimanded solemnly, “They’re all friends of Leo, and Leo is my dear friend, which means they’re my friends as well. Now, listen to me, what has happened today in this center, let’s forget it, not for Leo but for me. Leo will transfer you 2 hundred million dollars and you’ll let us go. Do you hear me clear?”

“Young Master Drake, I’d suggest that you do not involve yourself in today’s matter. Before the game, they knew that I had not played billiard before and I am a newbie, hence, they kept on pressing, wanting to bully me and win my money!”

Jack snarled coldly in return. “Besides, I wanted to avenge you. They’ve fooled you and taken so much money from you. So this time, I’m sorry that I’d not follow your order!”

“Jack White, you’re merely a bodyguard of the Drake family! I’m the Young Master of the Drake family! I’m your master!”

Fury grew inside Timothy like a tumor. He was so angry that he raised his voice and yelled, “Starting on from today, you, Jack White, no longer work for the Drake family! You’re fired!”

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