No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0736

“Brother, what bulls*t are you spewing? I’m the one who hired Jack; you have no right to dismiss his employment! Besides, how could you fire him without getting father’s consent?” Tanya hissed angrily.

She became a ball of pure anger the next second she heard Timothy’s words.

“Hmph! He’s merely a bodyguard and I’m the Young Master. Do I need to ask for consent when I’m only firing a bodyguard? And don’t you know his real identity? A head commander! He’s only a head commander for God’s sake! Do we have to kneel before him and kiss his *ss?” Timothy replied in an icy-cold tone.

Tanya felt about to burst from the rage that she almost fainted. She never thought that this dear brother of hers would say such a statement.

She stomped her foot and yelled, “No matter what you said, you can’t decide this!”

“Don’t forget that I’m your brother and I’m the elder son in the Drake family!”

Timothy chortled sinisterly and then added, “Who asked this dog to bark at the wrong person? I’m his master. And a dog that barks at his master, what’s the point of keeping it? For him to bite me?”

Jack, on the other hand, sneered frostily at the exchange. He spoke, “Right, since Young Master Drake has said it pretty clearly, there’s nothing left to say. I will not stay in this position for more humiliation. Perhaps there’s a lot of people shaming me behind my back, saying things like ‘Jack White is such a leech—leeching off the Drake family’.”

Jack halted for a second and then continued, “Hmmm. I’m not emotionally nor physically attached to the bodyguard position. And Miss Tanya has already paid me last month’s salary, as for the salary for these few days, let’s forget about it. Consider these few days of service as my gratitude to Miss Tanya. But today Young Master Leo has to pay me the 1 billion dollars, there’s no turnaround. If he doesn’t pay, he can’t leave!”

Once Leo heard what Timothy had announced regarding Jack’s dismissal, his eyes lit up as though he saw light at the end of the tunnel. He then asked Timothy, “Young Master Drake, you’ve just fired him, right? He’s no longer your bodyguard, isn’t he? Since he’s not one anymore, even if I have my people to beat him up, it won’t affect our friendship, right?”

Timothy nodded in reply, but he reminded, “Of course. He’s not our bodyguard anymore, it’s up to you now. But one thing I must say, this punk is pretty good, I don’t think your bodyguards are his match!”

“You dare?”

Sharon immediately stepped up and barked angrily. “Even if he’s no longer the bodyguard of the Drake family, there’s still the George family! Don’t forget the George family is not a force to be reckoned with! If you dare to touch a single strand of his, you’re going against me, Sharon George!”

“Oh, Miss George, are you now trying to play the superhero now? Why though? He not only has a wife, but I also heard that he is not interested in you at all! Is it worth it to sacrifice so much for a married man?

Leo sneered at Sharon’s protective demeanor toward Jack. His face became dark and dull. After all, Sharon was the only daughter of the George family—a first-class aristocratic family in Eastfield. He was from a third-class family, hence naturally he did not want to offend her, and her treatment had successfully frightened him.

“Why do you care? Even if I don’t like him, he’s still my friend, and I should help my friend!”

Sharon nibbled on her bottom lip tightly as she gawped. She looked toward Jack for a second.

“Miss Sharon, Thank you for your kind intention!”

Jack was slightly moved by Sharon’s action, but he looked at Sharon with a solemn and firm face. “However, I don’t like to owe favors to others, not to mention, this is my personal affair with Young Master Leo, and I don’t like others to interfere. I’ll handle this matter by myself. Thanks.”


Sharon felt a stab of disappointment inside her heart. Not only Jack called her ‘Miss Sharon’—a formal name, but also mentioned that it was his own personal affair and that Sharon as an outsider should not interfere. This statement had clearly stated his intention with her—they were impossible to be together. He really did not give her any chance at all…

“Miss Sharon, listen to every single word clearly! Wake up! He doesn’t want your help! He is giving you the cold shoulder, can’t you sense that? He doesn’t appreciate you at all, why do you still want to help him?”

Leo clapped his hand excitedly when he heard what Jack had uttered. Now that the last roadblock was finally cleared, Leo was flabbergasted with joy.

More than a dozen bodyguards who were waiting outside the center rushed into the place after hearing the exchange.

“Young Master Leo, how can we serve you?”

One of them immediately stepped forward, bowed before Leo with his hands clapped together, and said.


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