No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0738

“Jack, have you heard of the saying that goes, ‘Luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and go home’?

“Five hundred million dollars is a lot on its own, and Young Master Turner doesn’t have any money on him anymore. Consider yourself lucky today, being able to wheedle five hundred million from him,” came Timothy’s response, though laced with arrogance as he gave Jack a crooked smile.

Jack was already unsatisfied. With how condescending Timothy had just spoken to him, he offered a tight-lipped smile in return. “No. I know if the situation was different, that I was the one who lost, he wouldn’t have let me get away with a fraction less of one billion. I’d like to point out that your negotiation skills are horrendous, too.

“Young Master Turner was the one who made the bet with me anyway. How can you say that I’m just ‘wheedling’ money out of him? You can’t blame me if he has terrible coordination!”

“Don’t overstep your boundaries, punk. This is the Turner family’s young master!”

The bodyguards, though still in pain, rose to their feet after they had been beaten. They were internally terrified of Jack’s mere presence.

Jack glared at one of the bodyguards, who was so scared that he staggered backward. “Like I care he’s the young master of whatever family,” he scoffed. “Don’t think he can walk out of this place if he doesn’t pay me in full… Even if it’s just a dollar short!”

With clenched fists, Leo turned to Timothy, realizing that Jack was not letting him off the hook. “Young Master Drake, help me pay this five hundred million, why don’t you?”

Timothy found himself stuck without a proper response before he eventually replied, “Young Master Turner, you’re asking for five hundred million, not fifty million. Even if you asked me to lend you five hundred million dollars, I would have to think carefully about it. Do you think I can lend five billion hundred million to you just like that?”

Helpless, Leo turned his anxious gaze toward Jack. “I don’t have that much money,” he blurted. “I only have five hundred million!”

Jack chuckled, amused at the situation. “I’ll make it simple for you: Give me five hundred million dollars and that stupid pig-head of yours. How about that?”

His words terrified Leo, whose face was completely drained of color.

Left with no other choice, Leo turned to one of the bodyguards with him and rambled, “Logan, go back and help me tell everyone of what’s going on. My father will have to come up with a way to get five hundred million, or else, I’d die!”

After he said that, Leo turned to Jack once again and said, “I’ll have my bodyguard return to get my father and the money! It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Jack nodded his head. “Of course not!”

As though undisturbed, he turned to his female companions. “Let’s play billiards. It’s pretty fun after all,” offered Jack. “We’ll play while we wait for his father, okay?”

His words did not seem to sit well with Tanya. “Are you really thinking about quitting, Jack?” she asked, her gaze fixated on him. “Don’t quit. Please don’t hold a grudge against my brother. He’s just saying stuff because he’s angry!”

Jack merely gave her a bitter smile. “Miss Tanya, I appreciate your sincerity, but I’m pretty sure that you know what kind of a person I am. I’ll never repeat what I’ve said, and I do take everything seriously. I’m not one to fool around, and you know that. Besides, I’m not quitting; your brother fired me.”

“Fine…” Tanya grumbled.

Tanya knew that it was pointless to argue with him any further; he was firm in his belief. “Then promise me that we’ll still be good friends,” she gently pleaded. “That won’t be a problem, right?”

“Naturally not. We’ll still be good friends even if I’m not a bodyguard of the Drake family!”

Jack nodded. The four of them—including Tanya, Sharon, and Yvonne—played on two tables and started their own rounds of billiards.

Meanwhile, the Turner family’s master was drinking tea with a marshal he knew and was on good terms with.

This marshal was from Sky City, and he was a distant relative of the Turner family. It so happened that he was their guest today.

The peaceful atmosphere was shattered when Logan, a bodyguard, barged into the room, huffing and panting.

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