No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0739

“Master, something bad has happened!” heaved Logan in between pants.

Master Turner’s facial expression darkened as he glared at Logan. “What is it? You’re really rude. Don’t you know that you should go to the housekeeper? Don’t you see that I have an important guest here?”

“Uncle, what are you talking about? Who’s the important guest? We’re a family; this is too generous of you,” spoke a young man opposite Master Turner as he sipped his tea, a small smile on his face as he did.

Master Turner glanced at the bodyguard—Logan—and level-headedly prodded, “Speak up. What is it? Why do you need to come to me?”

Logan replied. “It’s not good, Master. Young… Young Master lost quite a lot of money playing billiards with some people!”

“Lost money? How’s that possible?” Master Turner was stunned. “Isn’t he rather skilled at billiards and would win most of his games? Didn’t he tell me two days ago that he won several hundred million? Why are you so surprised that he lost today?”

Of course, Master Turner knew that his son frequented the billiard table and gambled there. He also knew that his son normally betted ten million per game with Young Master Drake.

Even if his son lost, he should not have lost much because of his skills.

“Master, the young master wagered a huge bet this time! He betted ten games with someone, and it was a hundred million per game. He lost a total of one billion!” blurted Logan, his anxiety hung over him. “Young Master only has five hundred million with him and is half a billion short. He can’t leave, and that person said that if the young master can’t come up with the remaining five hundred million, he’ll kill him. Young Master had no other choice, so he asked me to come back and get the money!”

“What?!” Master Turner instantly shot up from his seat, bewildered and in disbelief with what Logan had just told him. “He betted one hundred million a game with someone and lost all ten games? Are you joking?! He lost ten games with his skills? Also, what’s in his mind to have betted one hundred million a game with people?”

One hundred million was quite a huge amount for the Turner family. They were a third-class aristocratic family and did not have much working capital, although they had many properties.

Apart from that, he knew his son very well. His son would not bet on billiard games with others if he was not sure it would turn out in his favor. At the very least, he would not bet one hundred million on a game.

Logan then offered his explanation as he spoke, “Master, I suspect that the other person made a fool out of our young master. That person said that he didn’t know how to play, and that it was his first time playing billiards. Young Master must’ve wanted to win his money, so he agitated that person to play with him. The person was pretentious and said that he wants to bet one hundred million for a game. Young Master was confident, so he agreed to it, but it wasn’t expected that the man would be exceptionally good at billiards. He said that he had already mastered it after looking at the young master and Young Master Drake playing one game. In the end, he won ten games continuously!”

“Damn. How dare he tricked my son?!” Fabian Turner was extremely angry as he balled his fists tightly. “Right. Who’s this person? Is he rich and powerful? Someone willing to bet one hundred million a game must be a powerful man!”

“Master, that person is just a bodyguard from the Drake family, and his name is Jack! Young Master Drake even spoke on the young master’s behalf, but that guy didn’t even listen to him. Young Master Drake was so angry that he sacked this bodyguard on the spot!” came Logan’s reply, obviously angry as he spoke. “We wanted to escort our young master and leave that place, but we were not that guy’s opponent. He’s really good at fighting!”

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