No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0740

“How dare he trick my son?!” Furious, Fabian’s fists tightened. “No one dared to even intervene. He was the Drake family’s bodyguard, after all. How dare this guy still act so arrogantly after he’s been sacked by the Drake family!”

Logan frowned and said, “This guy is out of his mind. He even disregarded Young Master Drake’s plea for the young master’s behalf. Young Master Drake asked Jack to give him face and just take five hundred million from our young master, but this idiot refused!”

“So there’s such a person like this who doesn’t understand the world, huh?” The young man who sat with Fabian stood up. “Who’s this person? For a bodyguard, the man has quite a temper. Moreover, isn’t he afraid that the Drake family will deal with him now that he’s offended Young Master Drake?”

With a bitter smile on his face, Fabian responded, “Oh you have no idea, my nephew. This guy is Jack White, the son-in-law who married into the Taylor family. He’s also a retired soldier like you, but it seems that he failed to obtain any title within these five years. He told everybody that he had a token but had lost it on the way back home, so there’s no proof. There are rumors that he’s just a head commander!”

Logan then piped in, “Who knows if he really is a head commander. Everybody thinks that he wasn’t lying when he claimed to be that, as he’s quite skillful. Nonetheless, this guy really has very good medical skills as he had saved the Goddess of War Lana before. The Goddess of War had already repaid him, though. The reason he’s so crazy might be because he still thinks that the Goddess of War owes him her life, and nobody dares offend him because of that!”

Fabian touched the tip of his nose. “This is so troublesome. We can’t kill this guy since he’s done quite the favor for the Goddess of War. What if she comes for us if anything happens to him?”

The young man smiled coldly. “But we can’t really pay him one billion, right? Wouldn’t that make us cowardly in his eyes?” The man then fell into his thoughts before he offered, “I have an idea, Uncle. I’ll follow you there, and we’ll just pay him five hundred million. If he insists on getting paid a billion dollars, I’ll show him who’s boss and burst his bubble. He needs to understand that there are masters better than him!”

Fabian’s eyes lit up when he heard his suggestion; this was what he wanted. He wanted this relative of his to take action, but he was afraid his nephew—now an honorable marshal—would turn him down.

It was music to Fabian’s ears when his nephew mentioned it himself that he would tag along, without him begging.

“Great! It’s definitely wonderful to have you on our side.” Fabian nodded, pleased at this. “I don’t think the other bodyguards need to come with us as they’ll be useless there.” They soon left in their car—with Logan as the driver—and headed for the mall.

“Why aren’t they here yet?” Leo grew increasingly depressed when he observed Jack improving continuously as he played with his female companions.

It was one whole billion. What could he do about it?

He wondered if his father would be angry when he heard about his bet gone wrong.

He felt that Jack had been lying to him since the beginning. Jack might have been a master at billiards but purposely acted as if he knew nothing. How could he have improved so quickly if that was not the case?

Leo was lost in his anxiety and fretting when Fabian walked into the billiard hall with the marshal and their bodyguard, Logan.

“Father, why… Why did you only bring two people here?” Leo’s facial expression darkened when he saw his father coming over with only two people. It seemed that his father had compromised and paid Jack the money. He had hoped his father would put up a fight and bring more bodyguards to beat Jack up.

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