No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0743

Tanya, who stood at the sidelines, could only sigh. She, her father, and Spectre had seen how scary Jack was, and could be. After all, Jack had slain 300 people from the Eagle Clan on his own.

It still sent shivers down her spine when she recalled what happened that one fateful night: She saw a master that only appeared in the novels. That was also the day she saw somebody killing their enemies without any hesitation.

She was familiar with Spectre’s strength, and it was a huge difference when compared to Jack’s.

Her father had already reminded her brother to not offend Jack, that they should always be in his good books, but her brother had thoughtlessly fired Jack just a while ago. This was a huge loss for the Drake family. She really hoped that Jack would not hold a grudge because of this.

“You… You’re no head commander, not with that fighting power of yours! Who are you? What’s your title?” Marshal Cadmus was the most surprised among all. He was very confident with his own strength, but Jack’s power was stronger than his even when he used all his power to attack Jack.

Cadmus did not want to use his ultimate skill. He had a feeling that this person in front of him was not someone he could win against.

Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Who am I? I’m just a son-in-law married into the Taylor family. I’m just a stinky soldier like what Young Master Leo said, no? He only needed to pay me half a billion and apologize to me sincerely… But since he’s called me a stinky soldier, well, that soured my mood!” Pausing momentarily, he then added with emphasis on every word, “Due to that, I won’t accept any amount less than one billion!”

Cadmus’s facial expression darkened when he heard Jack’s explanation. He turned around and looked at Leo coldly. “Brother, what did you say? A stinky soldier? We soldiers who sacrifice our lives for Daxia are such lowly people in your eyes?”

“Brother, I… I didn’t mean you! You’re a marshal! I meant Jack!” Leo immediately lowered his head and explained embarrassingly.

Instead of going after Jack, Cadmus turned to smack Leo with all his might. “This slap is for all the soldiers who died on the battlefield. If you dare say such words of looking down at us veterans, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Brother, I…I’m sorry!” Leo felt wronged. He raised his head and wanted to argue with Cadmus, but he immediately cowered when he saw Cadmus’s terrifying expression.

“Cadmus, why…” Fabian looked at Cadmus and was speechless. It did not matter that his son lost the games. His boy called Jack was a stinky soldier. It made sense to him now why this man refused to give Young Master Drake face and insisted on getting one billion from his son!

“Uncle, I can’t help you on this. It’s best if you guys settle it on your own.” Cadmus walked over to the other side, took out his cigarette, and started smoking by himself.

He had gone through lots of life and death situations to achieve the title he had today, but not without the sight of many of his brothers dying in the hands of their enemies. It was because of this that he could not tolerate it if anyone called veterans ‘stinky and useless’ soldiers.

In his opinion, the comfortable lives these people were enjoying had been exchanged by the blood of these soldiers. They could not be looked down on. The soldiers that have fallen in battle would be aggrieved had they heard such words from the living.

Fabian was speechless. He could only smile at Jack and admit defeat. “Young Jack, what happened today is definitely my son’s mistake, and I apologize to you. However, one billion is too much, and we’re just a third-class aristocratic family. It’ll be a huge pressure for us to come up with one billion. Can we agree at the amount of eight hundred million?”

Jack smiled coldly after he heard this. “I don’t want to repeat myself. One billion, not a penny less. If not, I will kill both you and your son. I believe that this Marshal Cadmus wouldn’t be able to stop me!”

Everybody was once again surprised. Anyone inferior to the other would not claim such bold things, after all.

The man in front of them was just a normal son-in-law who married into the wife’s family, right? Was he not just a head commander?

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