No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0744

Cadmus was standing right in front of Jack, yet Jack could boldly claim that he—a marshal—would not be able to stop him. If that was the case, he was really domineering.

He would not have dared say something like this if he did not at least have the strength of a marshal or a King of War!

“This…” Not wanting to pay Jack one billion, Fabian turned his gaze toward Cadmus. After all, what Jack had so boldly claimed was rather condescending for Cadmus.

He had hoped Cadmus would get angry from Jack’s choice of words; Fabian believed Cadmus could win against Jack if he used everything he got.

However, Cadmus merely ignored him and turned his line of sight away.

Tongue-tied, Fabian turned to his poor excuse of a son and snapped, “I’ll pay the five hundred million for you, but you have to pay the rest by yourself!”

“Alright, father…” Leo had a bitter expression on his face and felt it was unfair for him to be in this situation. However, he could not do anything about the situation. After all, even a marshal failed to topple Jack. What else could he do?

He immediately transferred the money to Jack’s bank account. He then told Fabian Jack’s account number and asked him to transfer the remaining amount.

Fabian was utterly devastated when a huge amount of money left his bank account. The 500 million from Leo’s side were won from other games, so he did not feel much. However, this 500 million was from his own family. To a third-class aristocratic family, this money meant that they had to reduce their expenses for the time being.

Finally, Fabian looked at Jack and asked. “Alright, Jack. Can we leave no?”

“Sure.” Jack nodded. “Since you’ve paid the money, I have no need for you guys anymore.”

Fabian waved his hand at Jack with a gloomy expression. “We’ll meet again.”

He then turned around to address Timothy, Leo and their group of friends. “Young Master Drake, young masters, come with me. Allow me to host you, as you’re all friends of my son.”

“Alright.” Despite his answer, Timothy had a darkened expression on his face. He eyed Jack for a good while before walking out with Fabian and the others.

He was still in a trance when they exited the mall. Was Jack not a head commander? How was it possible that even Marshal Cadmus could not best him?

Was it possible that his father’s assumption was right? Was he a King of War who did not want to expose his true identity?

He began to regret his actions as he walked outside. If Jack truly was a King of War, firing Jack would surely anger his father.

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