No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0745

Unable to hold back his questions, Leo eventually asked, “Marshal Cadmus, is Jack really that strong, or did you choose to surrender? You must have some really powerful boxing moves that you haven’t used, right?

“I don’t believe you’d be defeated if you used your full force back there. The guy doesn’t have anything but some measly strength, right?”

“This person’s strength is unpredictable. I’m not certain that I can win if I really fight with him.” Cadmus glanced at the second floor, where the billiard hall was. He started smoking his cigarette again and added, “I get him, though. I understand his behavior and why he did it after cousin Leo spoke in such a degrading manner about soldiers and veterans!”

“You! How dare you agree to a hundred million on each game? Why didn’t you think about why he easily agrees to such a risky yet high-yielding gamble? Did you even think about the consequences if you lose the games?!” Fabian gritted his teeth and looked at his son in disappointment.

Leo spoke in a defeated manner, “I did think about it. I thought that he was frightening me on purpose and thought that I wouldn’t agree to his suggestion. Apart from that, I had no idea that I’d lose ten games consecutively. With my skills, it would’ve been difficult for him to even win five games from me. I thought the money I had was more than enough, but who would’ve thought…”

“Nevermind. This guy is highly skilled and is someone we can’t afford to offend. Let’s just consider it a bad day for us.”

Fabian sighed and looked at Young Master Drake. “Young Master Drake, this bodyguard of yours is really strong,” he spoke, and his surprise was laced with his words. “I never thought he’d be that frightening! However, I also didn’t know that you’d be such a loyal person to your friends. You fired such a strong bodyguard for my son!”

The corners of Timothy’s mouth twitched. Why would he fire Jack if he knew how strong he was?

Timothy could only force himself to smile at this situation. “What should I say… I’m an extremely loyal person to my friends, and I have a good relationship with Young Master Leo. How can I choose my bodyguard over him? Jack is very strong, but he still disrespected me and talked back at me. I have my fair share of distaste toward that man for quite some time now.”

In order to prove that what he said was correct, he even added, “Not only does he seldom come to work, but he’s often late to work, too! Apart from that, he’s constantly with my sister and Yvonne, though he’s much closer to my sister. Hmph! I think he’s not working for work, if you know what I mean. He’s there for my sister, I bet!”

“Really? You need to be careful of people like this. Firing him is a good choice!”

Leo immediately agreed to what they said. “Jack is a son-in-law who married into the Taylor family. How shameful is it for a man to marry into their wife’s family? To me, he’s just a weakling, and he’s a married man too. How dare he go after Miss Tanya? Which part of him looks worthy of your sister?”

“That’s right, that’s right!” said one of Leo’s friends. “This guy is craving for something he can’t get. Why doesn’t he look at himself in the mirror? He’s not worthy of being with your sister!”

“Well, I don’t know what to do about that. After all, my sister is a woman, and women like flirtatious men. Jack might’ve buttered her up, even. That would explain why she’s so adamant in standing with Jack,” came Timothy’s reply.

“Yes, this guy must be very flirtatious. Otherwise, why would Miss Sharon side with him too? I think that she had been blinded by him so she would fall for someone like that! He’s just a dumb teenager, a reckless man!” Leo nodded. He had been extremely unhappy about this since the beginning.

He thought of himself a rather handsome man. It would make his day if Miss Sharon fell for him, or if Young Master Drake set him and his sister—Tanya—up.

He never thought both beautiful, gorgeous women would fall for a soldier who married into his wife’s family. That in itself was a big blow to Leo.

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