No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0749

“Me?” Tanya frowned when James expressed that he wanted her to manage a big project. “How’s that possible? Father, I won’t be able to enjoy myself anymore if I take this up. I’m still young! It’s best to leave this to Timothy!”

“Leave it to him?” scoffed James. “Our family would crumble within days if he continues to lose money on billiards games. I seldom take much notice on these things, but I checked our company’s accounts several days ago and noted that several of our companies have been losing money for these months.

“Some of the projects are put on hold because your brother didn’t sign the documents on time, and we’ve been paying penalties because we can’t finish the projects within the time limit! We’ve been losing money!”

Tanya was furious when she heard this. “How’s that possible? If that’s the case, Timothy has gone overboard!” She finally realized that her brother was really out of hand and that he was not just messing around.

Tanya, with a frown, then said, “But Father, South City Group is one of our family’s biggest groups. Timothy would surely be upset if you pass it to me!”

“Hmph!” came the disgruntled noise from James. “Why do I need to care about his happiness? We can’t let him ruin the entire Drake family’s business, can we? I’ve made my observation. Although you like to shop, you’ve managed the small businesses I handed to you well, and you’ve managed to earn quite some money within this year. You’ve my daughter, and I can’t side with Timothy just because he’s my son!”

Spectre also nodded. “This is how the world works; the capable ones are to be crowned. If Miss Tanya is really talented, you should be appreciated. After all, the Drake family is rich, but we’d be surpassed by other powerful families in just a few years if we’re badly managed. That’ll be disastrous!”

“Yes!” Everyone else nodded in agreement.

“It’s… It’s alright if that’s the case!” Tanya was speechless. Although she did not want to compete with her own brother, she was really worried about Timothy’s current situation.

Apart from that, what her father said made sense. South City Group had always been earning money and seldom had any losses. They could not pretend like nothing happened when such a big group that had already been on the right track were experiencing losses.

At this moment, Jack had already reached home.

“Hey, why are you back home so soon? You’re back so early!” Fiona spoke happily when she saw that Jack had returned. “It’s best if you don’t leave work early every day. After all, you’re working for them, and it’s best if you go to work and leave work on time! I fear Miss Tanya would be displeased if you do this often.”

Jack smiled bitterly when he heard this. “Miss Tanya wouldn’t be unhappy, but Young Master Drake is. He fired me today, so that’s why I came back earlier.”

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