No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0754

“Is that so?” Timothy walked over to receive the cup of warm water, and he took another step closer and moved closer to Selena.

Selena’s faint body odor, coupled with her perfume, stimulated Timothy.

“Oh my!” His hand slightly trembled when he took over the cup, causing water from the cup to spill on Selena’s chest.

“Ah!” Selena yelped in shock, although the water was not too hot.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to. Let me help you wipe that, Miss Selena.” Timothy was prepared for this. As he stretched out his hand toward her, Selena snapped.

“Go away! I can wipe it myself!” Selena was shocked at his advances and took a few steps backing away from him. Timothy was so in taking advantage of her, his hands merely a centimeter away from her attire.

Selena instantly took out several pieces of tissue paper and dabbed them at the soaked area on her clothes.

Timothy was rather disappointed at Selena’s quick thinking, but it did not erase his excitement at her flustered state. “Allow me to help you with that, Miss Selena,” he urged once more, “I’m good at it!”

“Young Master Drake, what are you talking about? Kindly respect our boundaries or I’ll get angry!” Selena’s face darkened when she discovered his true, dark intentions. She then angrily added, “If it’s work purposes you’re concerned with, I’ll make my reports. If it’s about anything else, please immediately leave. I’m not this kind of woman!”

It did not enrage Timothy when Selena vocally stated her stance; he merely smirked. “Miss Selena, stop acting. Do you think that I don’t know what kind of woman you are? You didn’t know your husband when you first met him, yet you married him the day you know him and slept with him right after. You even have a child with him!”

Timothy looked at Selena in disdain. “You slept with a man you just knew. How’s it possible for you to not be charmed by a handsome and rich young master like me? I’ve no intentions of marrying you; I’m not interested in married women like you. Still, you’ve got a nice figure, and you’ve got a rather beautiful face. What say you accompany me for a short while?”

Selena almost fainted due to anger, but she maintained her icy-cold expression and she scoffed, “Young Master Drake, you must’ve had too many drinks tonight. I’ll take this as you speaking nonsense, and I won’t argue with you!”

Selena then pointed at the door. “Now, please get out and stop disturbing me at my workplace. Your image would be destroyed if others knew about what happened here today!”

Selena had a point; Timothy was usually a gentleman in front of others. His actions toward her might very well be due to alcohol influence.

Still, he did not seem drunk, though he might have drank slightly more than usual.

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