No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0755

“You’re a woman! Do you think I, a man, would be afraid if others knew about this if you’re not? Also, who’d believe that you’re innocent? Won’t others say that you’re the one who seduced me for your monthly salary of one million? Who’s in power here: you or me?” Timothy laughed and added, “You think about that, Selena Taylor, and you think it through. I, Timothy Drake, will have you now. You have no choice but to obey me!”

“In your dreams!” Selena was downright livid; she never thought Timothy could be so evil.

“You’d do well to think it thoroughly. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll terminate the contract with the Taylor family. The compensation is only around one hundred million, nothing too much, and we can afford it!” Timothy smiled coldly. “Secondly, I fired your husband, and he’s out of job now. What’ll happen to your family’s expenses now that he lost his monthly salary of twenty million?”

“What?! You…you fired him?!” Selena was taken aback by Timothy’s wicked words. This Young Master Drake was too much of a pain. She never thought he had that sadistic streak in him.

“Don’t be so agitated! I haven’t finished speaking!” Timothy smirked with an extremely definite expression on his face. “Think about it: You guys live in a big villa now with an entire family waiting for your support, and you’ve got bodyguards and workers you need to pay too.

“I fired your husband because he acted against me, and if you don’t submit to me today, I’ll fire you too. You purposely signed the agreement with the Taylor family for their wellbeing. I can fire you based on this point alone!”

“You evil man! Young Master Drake, I never thought you’d be such a despicable man!” Selena gritted her teeth in anger. She never thought Timothy would hold the matter against him.

She used to think that Timothy was a kind person like Miss Tanya. After all, siblings usually shared quite a few characteristics.

Apart from that, Timothy usually looked like a gentleman. She had no idea the man before her would have such a foul, wretched heart.

“Oh, I’m despicable?” Timothy laughed coldly after he heard what Selena said. “You’re making a false counter-charge. If it wasn’t for us Drakes, do you think that your husband would’ve had such a great job? Do you think that you’d have a great job? You guys were poor people looked down on by the Taylor family and others. You have the life you have now because you guys met us and befriended us. How dare you say that I’m despicable!”

Timothy merely shrugged when he noted Selena’s silence and cold expression. “Don’t you worry about it. As long as you promise me that you’ll serve me well this one time, I wouldn’t tell others about this. I won’t rescind the contract with the Taylor family, and you get to keep your job. A one-million salary is barely enough for your family!”

Selena gritted her teeth and was so angry that her face turned pale.

Timothy was pleased when he saw her rooted where she stood, wordlessly; he assumed Selena was complying due to the fear he instilled in her. After all, any other woman would know what choice to make, right?

He walked forward and pulled Selena into his arms. His face leaned closer to hers as though he was about to kiss her. “Miss Selena, just succumb to me. You lose nothing. After all, I’m the Drake family’s young master, son of Eastfield’s wealthiest man. No rich young masters in the entire Eastfield would dare compete with me. Moreover, your husband won’t know about this if you don’t tell him, understand?”

“You bastard, let go of me!” Selena was so angry that she resisted Timothy’s embrace and fought back.

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