No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0756

Timothy laughed at Selena’s struggle. “And why should I let you go? Just give in to me!” He pushed her onto the table with all his might, ready to grab her.

“Go away!” In her fear and panic, Selena kicked Timothy right in between his legs when he was close enough.

“Argh!” Timothy yelled in pain and fell onto his knees in a squatting position.

Selena instantly shot up as Timothy fell, merely sparing him a glare as she rushed toward the door. “Young Master Drake, you bastard! I quit!” Selena ripped open the door and rushed out right after.

“What’s going on? Manager Taylor ran out of her office!” Employees were startled to see Selena rushing out of her office.

“Did he fail? Manager Taylor’s hair seems to be ruffled up a little, but she opened the door and ran straight out. She seemed to have just cried, too,” said Felicia dumbfoundedly. “This doesn’t seem right. This shouldn’t be happening if they have something going behind the scenes. Shouldn’t she be very happy?”

“How would I know? Let’s go check it out.” Sonia immediately walked with Felicia toward Selena’s office. They peered into the office and discovered Young Master Drake on the floor: he had his hands over his private parts as he hissed in pain.

“How dare Selena Taylor do this?! What should Young Master Drake do if he can’t bear children in the future?” Sonia said angrily. She immediately went in with Felicia to assist Young Master Drake.

Meanwhile, Selena rushed to the parking lot. She pulled the door to her car open and went inside before crying out her frustrations. It took a while before she could reach out for a tissue paper to wipe her tears, and it was only after that was she able to calm herself down before she made her way home.

Jack was smoking in their yard when he saw Selena’s car entering the compound and was parked. “Honey, you’re back.” Jack walked over to his wife with a small smile on his face.

“Yes,” came Selena’s simple reply and went to sit with him quietly.

“Honey, I quit my job,” Jack started, his smile bitter as he spoke. “But truthfully, I was fired by Young Master Drake. No need to worry, though. Our family will still have money to rely on.”

Selena listened on and instantly recalled how she was almost taken advantage of by Timothy. Her nose twitched and her eyes turned slightly red. She looked at Jack upsettingly and said, “Honey, I… I’ve also quit my job. We are both out of jobs! What should we do?”

“You quit, too?” The news stunned Jack, but he could sense his wife’s unstable emotions. “What actually happened?” he prodded.

“That bastard Timothy Drake came looking for me in my office after he had some drinks. He even threatened me with the Taylor family’s agreement about sourcing materials and the fact that he’d fire me. He wants to take advantage of me and even forced himself on me when I refused him!

“Thankfully, I reacted fast and kicked his crotch at the given time. I managed to escape right after that.”

Face written with fear, Selena looked at her husband and blurted, “What should I do? I’d be in so much trouble if my mother knows I lost my job!”

Jack was livid at the details his wife told him. “F*ck… Is Timothy Drake looking for a death wish? I don’t give a damn if he does things to me, but how dare he go looking for you at your office? You didn’t even do anything to him!” Jack shot up from his seat and threw the cigarette butt onto the ground before stepping on it. His hands then tightened, balled into fists.

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