No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0757

“I’m going to get an explanation from him,” snapped Jack.

“Don’t! This is the Drake family we’re talking about here!” Selena was extremely frightened when she saw Jack’s impulsive look and took his hands into hers. “Honey, don’t go. It’s the Drake family, and it’s not a good idea to offend them. Apart from that, he didn’t get to touch me inappropriately. While he did forcibly embraced me, I managed to break free!”

“That means nothing to me. What would’ve happened if you failed to run away in time? The Drake family has to give me an explanation! How dare he try to take advantage of you!” Jack’s fists tightened even more. He turned to Selena and, carrying her in his arms bridal-style, walked toward the car when he saw her hands still on his.

“What are you doing? I asked you to not go there!” Selena was flustered yet worried as he held her up like a princess, though it did not erase her anxiety. After all, the Drake family was a family that even first-class aristocratic families dared not offend. Could Jack succeed alone?

“Don’t you worry; I won’t kill Tanya’s brother as a sign of respect for our friendship. However, if he doesn’t kneel and apologize, I’ll show him no mercy!” Jack still had a darkened expression on his face. He placed Selena at the passenger’s seat before he went and sat at the driver’s seat.

“Honey, just let it go. I know you love me, but I don’t want to offend the Drake family! It’s not good to have another enemy,” coaxed Selena in an attempt to persuade Jack. She did not want him to act irrationally. “Apart from that, they’re the Drakes! They might have lots of masters with them!”

“Don’t you worry. Their masters are no match for your husband. He’s far more powerful than any of them combined.” Adamant and indifferent, Jack stepped on the gas pedal and the car soon raced out of the villa.

“Why are they going out again? Didn’t they just come back a while ago?” Several bodyguards who strolled around the perimeter not far away wondered what was happening when they saw the situation. At the same time, they felt jealous as they saw how Jack carried Selena in his arms.

“You’re so hard-headed! Why won’t you listen to my advice?!” Selena relented once she knew it was a point for no return for her husband. He wanted to confront the Drake family! The Drakes might turn hostile against them if Jack went over and caused trouble!

More importantly, how could Jack oppose the entire Drake family’s masters?

Young Master Drake struggled in pain for quite some time before he could even stand up. He then walked out embarrassingly and returned to the Drake family mansion.

He was more than ready to go to bed as the drinks made him feel dizzy. The last thing he expected was for James, Tanya, and several masters of the Drake family to wait for him when he entered the villa’s living room.

“Father, Tanya, why are you guys here? Why aren’t you guys asleep yet?” Timothy’s face darkened as he sensed something was amiss when he noted several Drake family elders were present.

This only happened when something important had to be announced. Coincidentally, he had fired Jack, and it seemed that his sister had relayed the news to them.

James’ face darkened and questioned Timothy, “You know what you’ve done today, right?”

Timothy was utterly displeased. “Of course I do. I fired a mere bodyguard, no? Did you have to get a crowd here like this? Why did you ask the elders to come out?” came his somewhat apathetic reply as he sat down on the sofa.

James laughed bitterly. “What did I tell you? Did you ignore what I’ve told you? I asked you to not offend Jack and stay on his good side! Why didn’t you listen?!” James was downright livid at him and was close to fainting in his anger. His son made the worst move possible with his deplorable attitude.

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