No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0758

Timothy, at that moment, recalled how a marshal failed to defeat Jack. With a guilty conscience, he blurted, “I didn’t know Jack could be so powerful! I thought he was just a head commander, unworthy of our family’s respect and admiration. I only knew this when a marshal from the Turner family failed to defeat him, and that was only after I fired him!”

“I’ve told you long before that he’s considerably on par with Kings of War. It doesn’t matter even if he’s just a one-star King of War! More importantly, he’s well acquainted with the Goddess of War. Can’t you see that? The Goddess of War willingly interacted with me because of our relationship with Jack!” James grew increasingly angry the more he thought about it.

“So what? I can just look for them tomorrow and ask them to return to work as usual!” Timothy had no choice but to obey his father after he thought about it. After all, many of the Drakes eyed him sharply and none went up to defend him.

“Think about his temperament! Do you think that he’s short of money if he really is a King of War? The country would’ve given him several tens of billions as his reward. We were extremely lucky that somebody like him was willing to work as our bodyguard. He agreed to work for us because he was bored with nothing to do.

“Do you think he’d still agree to it now?” James laughed. He knew Jack’s identity was not as simple as how he portrayed it, but Jack managed to keep himself incredibly low-profile and seldom exposed his true combat abilities to the public. This caused others to believe he was a mere head commander.

“How’s that possible? And does he really have that much money?” Timothy’s face darkened; he made a huge mistake if that was true. Still, as he recalled how ordinary Jack was and how he promised to be their bodyguard proactively, he still felt that his father’s beliefs were too overboard. How could such a rich person agree to be a bodyguard?

“Bullcrap. He’s definitely a King of War, so it’s only natural he has a lot of money!” scoffed James with a cold expression on his face.

“Why would he willingly work as a bodyguard if he has so much money? If it was me, I wouldn’t work as a bodyguard. I don’t want to be looked down at by others!” Timothy frowned. He glanced at Tanya who was beside him, and his eyes lit up. “Unless… The reason this guy works as our bodyguard isn’t for money but for women. I think he likes my sister. If that’s the case, it’s very easy to get into his good books. We can just marry Tanya to him, right?”

Timothy tried to find ways around the matter.

Though it took a while, Tanya noticed something peculiar in Timothy’s replies and said, “Wait, Brother. Did you say ‘them’ just now? What does that mean?”

Timothy scratched his head in embarrassment. “The thought of Jack talking back at me plagued me after I drank some wine… So I fired his wife in retaliation.”

“What?!” James’ chest heaved in anger when he heard this. “You… You! It’s understandable if you committed a mistake once, but how dare you make them one after another! You’re ridiculous! Even if Jack talked back to you, how could you fire his wife too?!”

“I… I told you! I was just unhappy at that moment!”

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