No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0759

Timothy tried to find an excuse for his actions.

“Aren’t you afraid of offending him? Let me tell you this: If you end up genuinely offending him, I… I can’t even save you!” James was so angry that he was at a loss for words. He had one son, and he turned out to be this.

“Impossible! Are you joking? We’re a first-class aristocratic family, and we have so many masters here with us! While I admit Jack’s good, I don’t believe we’d lose if everyone fights him as a group,” came Timothy’s somewhat apathetic reply. He did not believe Jack would be that terrifying.

James glanced at Timothy and announced coldly, “Oh, that’s right. We’re waiting for you here because we need to tell you something. I feel that you’re out of focus recently, so I’ve visited South City Group only to find out that it’s been losing money. Because of this, South City Group will be managed by your sister, Tanya starting from tomorrow. I suppose you can have a breather and a break of sorts.”

Timothy wondered if he had heard his father wrongly and looked at James dumbfoundedly. “What? Did I hear that right, Father? Did you just say South City Group?”

In Timothy’s point of view, Tanya was just a child and it was difficult for her to bear such great responsibility. Apart from that, he was the one who managed South City Group all this while, thus he believed no one should interfere with his business. South City Group represented half the Drake family group’s businesses, and the ability to manage this group represented the person’s identity in the Drake family.

It was because of this that Timothy had always been extremely proud of himself. He was the subject of people’s envious looks whenever he walked outside because the Drake family relied on him to manage their businesses.

While he also managed several smaller companies, those companies were nothing when compared to South City Group.

“Yes, you heard right. South City Group,” James said indifferently. “While your sister tends to shop quite often, I observed the companies she managed and they’re doing quite well. I believe your sister would do a better job than you if I hand South City Group to her!”

“Father, are you joking?” Timothy was still in disbelief. “Tanya… Tanya is just a young child. How could she be more experienced than me at business management? Apart from that, I’ve been managing South City Group all this time. I’m aware we’ve started losing money during these few months, but it’s temporary. We’ve raked up quite the fortune years before this. Do you not see the success I’ve accomplished?”

He stood up and got increasingly agitated. “You want to change the higher management just because the loss we experience these two to three months? Aren’t you afraid that Tanya would fail at managing the place?”

James laughed him off before he replied, “Don’t you worry. I’ve thought about it and discussed it with several higher-ups many times before I made this decision. You’re definitely unsuitable to continue working as South City Group’s highest management with your current situation and status!”

Suddenly, Harvey ran into the room with several other bodyguards. “Master, Master! Something bad is happening!” There was a deep frown on his face as he spoke. “Big Brother… No, Jack is here with his wife, and he wants an explanation from us. If he’s not satisfied with our explanation, he…he’d make his move!”

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