No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0760

“He… He’s too brash! What does he mean by ‘make his move’? Father, listen to him. His actions are a disrespect to the Drake family!” Timothy sucked in a deep breath when he heard what the bodyguards were saying about Jack. Admittingly, he was scared. Did Selena tell Jack what happened in the office?

He first recalled the fact that he did not manage to take advantage of Selena. It did not matter if Selena was embarrassed or she had the intention of actually manipulating the Drake family; she would not have told Jack about what happened between them.

The last thing Timothy expected was for Jack to look for him, and that meant big trouble.

Because of this, he had to provoke the relationship between his father and Jack.

“He’s doing too much. This is threatening our Drake family!” One of the Drake family’s masters was displeased. This master’s fighting abilities were much stronger than Spectre. He feared no marshals and was able to fight with Kings of War.

This master was the first one to stand up against Jack’s threats.

“Yes, what Elder Gordon says makes sense. This guy always acts like this, and we should put him in his place!” Timothy was relieved that someone shared his stance in the matter, and it was someone powerful to boot.

“How dare you agree to the master? He’s brave enough to say it because he’s got the power to back it up!” Tanya glared at his brother before looking at James. “Father, what should we do now? It seems that Jack is unhappy about Timothy firing his wife. He wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t for this matter.”

“Tanya, what you’re doing here is uplifting others and destroying your own. How would we know that Elder Gordon isn’t his match without even attempting anything?” snapped Timothy.

“Yes, Miss Tanya. Are you looking down on us masters, or do you place too much faith in Jack?” Elder Gordon was slightly unhappy. He was considered one of the best masters in the Drake family though he had never fought with Jack. Tanya’s words blatantly meant she looked down on them and stated that they were not Jack’s opponents.

“Elder Gordon, don’t make a move without my order. Jack is here asking for an explanation, and he didn’t tell us straightforwardly what he wanted to do. This means that there are ways to settle this!” James thought about it and said, “Let’s go and discuss it with him. It might work if we apologize and ask them to return to work tomorrow.”

Many people nodded and they followed James outside.

James and his company eventually arrived at the mansion’s front door. Jack and his wife, Selena, stood right outside in silence.

As everyone gathered, Tanya was the first to walk forward and offered her apologies. “Jack, I heard that my brother fired Sister Selena in anger. I’m very sorry for that,” Tanya spoke solemnly. “My brother tends to speak nonsense whenever he’s drunk. He was just in his feelings, so please don’t take him seriously.”

“Indeed. Timothy was angry, so whatever he said was only out of his emotions. Go back, rest, and come back for work tomorrow.” James was pleased with how understanding his daughter was, and Jack might reconsider his actions after he heard Tanya’s sincere words. After all, was it not petty to be calculative with a drunk person?

“Come on, Jack, let’s just leave it at that.”

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