No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0761

Selena was slightly afraid when she saw that many people in front of her. Most of the bodyguards were also there. Soon, there were one to two hundred people at the Drake family’s side. She immediately persuaded Jack.

However, Jack still stood there and did not move. He looked at Timothy coldly and said, “Timothy, come over, kneel, and apologize to my wife. Kowtow three times and I will let things slide. If not, you’ll regret it when I make my move!”

“Bastard, aren’t you being too much?!” Elder Gordon could not handle it anymore. He was originally cranky so he walked two steps forward, looked at Jack, and said, “This is the Drake family! Do you know who Timothy is? He’s the eldest young master of our family! It’s fine to directly address him by his name, but, how dare you ask someone as honorable as him to kneel and kowtow to you! You’re being really arrogant!”

Jack looked at this old man coldly before saying. “I’m speaking to Timothy so please don’t interrupt our conversation!”

“You…” Elder Gordon was extremely angry and held his hands into fists. “Sure. They all mentioned that you are strong and since you dare act so presumptuously in front of the Drake family mansion, let me try you!”

“Elder Gordon, stop!” James immediately stopped him.

He smiled at Jack after Elder Gordon stopped. “Jack, my son really acted impulsive after several drinks. I hope you can understand him!” James paused here before continuing. “How about this. You guys can come back for work and I will pay you double your salary next month. Apart from that, I will pay you one hundred million as compensation. How does that sound?”

As the richest man in Eastfield, James had already made a huge compromisation by saying this.

“Master Drake, I’m sorry but what happened today cannot be solved with money. If it wasn’t because the Drake family treated me well and I consider Miss Tanya as my best friend, everybody here would have died, and you would be waiting for your bodies to be collected!” Jack raised his hand and pointed at the people in front of him. His tone was plain but his words were extremely domineering.

“Honey…” Selena was speechless. She knew something like this was going to happen with her husband’s character. The Drake family had already taken such a huge step back but Jack still refused to back away.

“You f*cker!” Elder Gordon could not hold it back any longer. He forgot James’s instructions, stepped forward, and rushed toward Jack with his hands balled into fists.

Jack curled his lips into a cold smile when he saw how the other party initiated the attack. He balled his hands into fists and punched toward the opponent too.

With a slightly dull bang, Elder Gordon flew outward. He flew several meters away before stepping on the ground and stabilizing his body.

“You can’t take such a small amount of my force. How dare you act arrogantly in front of me?” Jack glanced at the opponent in disdain. He had a kingly aura and a contempt for the world as he spoke.

Elder Gordon was shocked. Jack’s punch seemed simple but the power in it was so terrifying that it threw him into the air while Jack was still standing there firmly.

What Jack said also caused him to be afraid!

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