No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0763

Timothy was so frightened. He could only grit his teeth and refused to admit to it when he saw so many people looking at him.

“Nonsense?” This time, even Selena could not stand it and looked at Timothy bitterly. “Timothy, I didn’t expect you to be a coward who dared not admit to what you did. If you say so, why don’t we head to the company and ask the people there? We have so many employees, do you think they didn’t hear anything?”

Timothy’s face instantly turned blue and purple when he heard what she said. Yes, it was definitely difficult to explain what happened previously.

Originally, he could tell people in the company that it was Selena who wanted to seduce him. Many people would have believed what he said. Now that Jack has brought his wife to his house, nobody would have believed him if he used this excuse. That would be extremely troublesome.

“You…you bastard!” James finally realized what a nasty thing his son had done. He stepped forward and slapped Timothy with all his might. “I’m really disappointed in you. I thought that you had just fired the two of them, I didn’t expect you to try to force Miss Selena. No wonder Jack is so angry!”

Elder Gordon, who originally felt that Jack had gone overboard, finally realized that he was almost manipulated by Timothy. If he was in this position and his woman was almost raped by somebody else, he would have killed that person early on.

As for Jack’s action of asking Timothy to kneel down and apologize while slapping himself ten times was actually very kind of Jack. He did this because of his history with the Drake family and he was giving Tanya face.

Timothy, who was slapped in the cheeks, covered his face in anger. “Father, you…you actually hit me because of this? I admit that I was impulsive at that time. I had too many drinks and Selena looked really pretty. She even had a short skirt on. Isn’t that very normal? Besides, I was unsuccessful in my attempt!”

“unsuccessful? If you succeeded, none of you here would leave Eastfield alive!” Jack sneered after he heard this, and walked step by step toward Timothy.

His eyes were filled with a murderous aura. The aura was the same one that sent shivers down everyone’s spine on the battlefield.

“Do you still feel that you did nothing wrong? I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it!” Jack approached step by step and his voice was very low. He had a scary and invisible aura around him that made people feel repressed.

“You fool, why aren’t you kneeling down and apologizing yet? Hurry up and do what Jack said! Kneel down and apologize to Miss Selena. Hurry up and slap yourself!” James was very frightened. The other masters in the Drake Family stood there and were all frightened too. They knew that Jack was about to take action.

After all, Timothy did make a mistake this time and they were all embarrassed to make moves.

“I won’t apologize! I’m the young master of the Drake family, why should I apologize to them?!” Timothy gritted his teeth and looked at Jack. He did not believe that Jack would dare take action. After all, the Drake family was the biggest known power in this province.

Jack directly jumped up and kicked Timothy on his crotch. Timothy flew outward.

The next second, Timothy hit the ground far away and fainted.

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