No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0764

Timothy’s pants seeped with fresh blood. It was a frightening sight.

The corners of James’s mouth twitched. His features were twisted into a grimace, but he did not let a single word slip from him.

The entire area was completely silent—so silent that you could hear a pin drop!

This was the Young Master of the Drake family, and yet Jack had lashed out against him all the same. Now he just lay there, and no one knew if he was still alive.


Spectre stepped forward, frowning. He did not know what to say.

He knew that James’s heart was filled with excruciating pain.

“Come forward all you like, if you wish to avenge him. But I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear the consequences once you make the first move!” Jack said, expression stony.

Although James’s insides were twisted with agony, he forced himself to smile. “It’s all right, Jack, so long as you let off some steam! Just say the word if you need any more compensation!”

Jack gave a wan smile. “No need!”

He wheeled around and left, taking Selena with him. “Don’t worry. Your son isn’t dead. But I can’t say for certain if he’ll be producing any heirs in the future.”

Selena glanced behind her shoulder, afraid that the fighters and the bodyguards employed by the Drake family would rush forward. She only released a sigh of relief once they got onto the car and drove off.

“Are you sure Timothy won’t be rendered infertile from that kick of yours, Dear? James only has him as the only son, after all. Won’t he try to take revenge in the future? I know you’re venting your anger, but I’m still afraid!”

Selena frowned, her expression morphing to that of concern.

Jack glanced at her and managed a mirthless smile. “Don’t worry. James is smart enough. He won’t cause trouble for me even if his son can no longer produce heirs for their family. I’ve already been kind enough to him by sparing his son’s life. No man has the right to touch my wife. You suffered so much for me and our daughter’s sake. You paid the price for so many years. I won’t let you go through any more humiliation!”

Warmth filled Selena as she heard him speak such earnest words. She pursed her lips before she spoke, “All right then. I just never expected that you would have no fear even with the Drake family! This is far beyond my expectations!”

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry after he heard that. “Dear, would you be touched or frightened if all nine of the Gods of War came to your birthday party?”

Selena went speechless for a while when she heard that. Then she rolled her eyes. “What are you saying? It’ll be an utmost honor even if only Lana came. How can all nine of the Gods of War come? Besides, they’re so busy, and every second of theirs is extremely precious. How could they have the time to spare for me?”

Here, Selena seemed to think of something, then she said jokingly, “Don’t tell me that you’re the master of the nine Gods of War? Each of the Gods of War is strong in their own way, and they’re extremely powerful. If they even had a master, he would not even be human!”

Jack gave a curious expression. Did his wife just tell him that he was not human right to his face?

He gave a brittle smile and asked, “What is he then, if not human?”

“A god!”

Selena spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, “What kind of a person would a master of the nine Gods of War be if not a god? But of course, there’s no one like that. In the future, don’t simply joke that you’re the master of the Gods of War. It’ll be troublesome if someone were to write a report about it and spread the news about you.”

Here, Selena drew a finger across her throat. “You’re writing yourself a death sentence if you anger the Gods of War,” she said. “It won’t get any better just because you’re good friends with Lana. A joke like this is too frightening!”

Jack placed his hand on her thigh when he heard that, flashing a small smile. “All right. I’ll listen to you, dear. I won’t claim that they’re my disciples anymore, okay? But I still hope that they can come over and celebrate on the day of your birthday!”

“You hope?”


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