No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0766

“Master, are we really going to let this slide just like that? The young master… He’s…”

One of the fighters stepped forward and asked James.

Although he could not say that the young master did not deserve it, Jack had just brought his wife to the Drake family’s residence and beat Young Master Drake into a pulp. Plenty of passersby outside would have seen everything.

This was a cause of extreme humiliation for the Drake family. Fortunately, not many people had witnessed the incident, but the Drake family’s reputation had really been trampled on.

“I really think there’s no way out of this. Jack is too strong. There’s no way to take him on by oneself—at least for me!”

Elder Gordon finally spoke up after he thought about it. In reality, he wanted to say that it would be useless even if all of them went for Jack at the same time. He tried to tone it down though, for the sake of their dignity.

“It’s obvious that Jack has full confidence, judging from how he spoke just now. He’s very sure of himself. So all we can do is to forget about this incident!”

James gave a helpless smile. “I’ve already chided Timothy so many times, but he simply refused to listen to me. Never mind that he fired both Jack and Selena, but he actually dared to touch the latter. Ah. If it were you, wouldn’t you think about killing him? Jack had been considering the relationship between us from before, and his friendship with Tanya, that’s why…”

The fighters could do nothing but bob their heads in obedience when they heard him say that, keeping as quiet as they could.

“Dad, we’re missing a procurement manager in South Hill Real Estate now that Miss Taylor has quit her job. What do we do?”

Tanya added after she thought about it, “Besides, I’m afraid that it’ll turn awry for us if the Taylor family continues to be in charge of that project…”

James nodded his head. “You’re right. If news of how Jack had beaten your brother up gets out, and how we did not retaliate, the Drake family will definitely become a laughing stock. We should be stirring up some trouble for him, after all. How about this? You take charge of South Hill Real Estate and make Sonia take the position of procurement manager. I pray she doesn’t let me down!”

Tanya nodded her head. “I’ll get Sonia to terminate the contract with the Taylor family. And we won’t compensate for the breach of contract either. Let’s just do that as our ‘retaliation’. It won’t be so embarrassing for us if word of this gets out then!”

Hearing those words fall from her mouth felt like a joke. The Drake family was the strongest, richest family in the entire Eastfield. It was extremely embarrassing that her older brother had been beaten—and beaten into that state. This sort of retaliation was truly a joke, but it was better than nothing. It would convey the Drake family’s stance toward the matter.

Elder Gordon considered everything carefully before he made a suggestion, “Master, why don’t we just tell everyone that the young master’s injuries are not too serious even if they’re actually serious or if he becomes impotent. This way, we’ll only be dissolving our cooperation with the Taylor family because he was not too seriously injured. It won’t be that embarrassing if we put it that way.”

James thought that it made sense. “You’re right. We’ll go over to the hospital in a while and check up on my son. His condition must be kept a secret. We’ll get the doctors to diagnose that he has mild injuries from a fistfight. There’ll be nothing serious!”

After Jack and Selena went back, they quickly showered and went downstairs, sitting together at the table for dinner.

“Selena, Jack has been fired by Timothy!”

Fiona smiled. “But it doesn’t matter. Jack won a billion dollars from billiards,” she said. “One whole billion! He lost his job, but it’s great that he has a billion to his name now. We won’t have to worry about having no money in the future! This money doesn’t belong to the entire Taylor family. It belongs to us!”


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