No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0769

“Are you joking, sir? It’s 900 million dollars, and you’re increasing its worth to two billion?”

The pretty saleswoman was tickled by Jack’s words.

Another saleswoman walked over after she heard that. “Go out and take a closer look at the advertisement outside our store, sir. Is 900 million written there? If the Abyss is worth merely 900 million, everyone should just sell all their assets to buy it first. They’ll be earning big dollars after they get it!”

“It’s not 900 million?”

Frowning, Jack walked out; the two pretty saleswoman tailed after him.

He looked at the price tag, scanning through the chain of ‘0’s right after the digit 9. He silently counted the zeroes twice, and shock suddenly seized him. “It’s nine billion! Seems like my mother-in-law miscounted and missed a zero there!”

“Why don’t you take a look at our other merchandise, sir? It’s clear that you can afford it, and we carry plenty of exquisite necklaces here. The Heart of the Abyss is definitely not for sale. And it’s not worth just 900 million dollars—it’s nine billion!”

The first saleswoman to have greeted Jack gave a wan smile.

Although Jack was wearing regular clothing, she noted that he dared to pay two billion dollars. He was probably a wealthy man who liked to keep a low profile.

However, his mother-in-law had missed a zero in her calculations, causing him to run into this kerfuffle.

She believed that he would have given up on the necklace long ago if he knew that it was worth nine billion dollars. There was too big of a gap between 900 million and nine billion; that single digit made all the difference. No one would spend that much money to buy such an expensive necklace.

That was why Jack would certainly give up on the Heart of the Abyss if she said that. It was way too expensive. Even someone from a second-class aristocratic family would have to think twice before buying it.

“Oh my. What a coincidence, Jack. What are you doing? Buying jewelry for your wife? A diamond ring, perhaps?”

At this moment, a young man walked in, a beautiful young woman in tow. Several bodyguards trailed behind them.

Jack immediately flashed a frosty smile when he recognized the intruder. It was Kelly, the young master of the Gold family, and Cecilia Taylor.

“I’m buying a necklace. What diamond ring? I’ll bring my wife over to pick it out herself when we’re both free!”

Jack replied, a mirthless smile twisting his lips.

“Take your time!”

Kelly guffawed before turning to another saleswoman. “Bring out all the expensive diamond rings here, as well as the bracelets and earrings and necklaces and whatnot. I want the entire set!”

“Thank you, dear!”

The smile on Cecilia’s face brightened. She lifted her chin slightly, pride etched over her expression. “You’re so nice to me, dear. Unlike someone else who doesn’t have money and is too embarrassed to bring his wife over to pick out a ring. He’s probably scared that she’ll choose an expensive one, and he won’t be able to bring himself to spend the money. It would be so shameful for him!”

“Really? Then I want to see how much your husband is willing to pay for you, exactly. You’re going to wear them during your wedding, right? Aren’t you afraid that no one would even attend your wedding, let alone someone to look at it when you wear it?”

Jack chuckled after he heard that, casually standing to the side and anticipating the jewelry they would pick out.

“You kidding me? I’m getting married. And what about you? You’re just throwing a birthday party for your wife. You’re the one who’ll be crying then!”

Cecilia rolled her eyes at him, picking up a ring and slipping it onto her finger.

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