No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0770

“I like this, babe! Can I get it?” Cecilia asked.

“Of course. You’re going to wear this on our wedding day. It’s about 50 million dollars, and it’s all worth it so long as you like it. Just buy!”

Kelly grinned.

“Oh, this necklace is so pretty. It’s a little expensive. About 100 million dollars!”

Soon enough, Cecilia had her eyes set upon a gorgeous necklace. It was expensive, even compared to the other items in the shop.

“It’s not expensive at all. It’s nothing. This necklace looks good. You’ll definitely be the brightest star on the wedding day while wearing this!”

Kelly laughed.

After a while, they chose quite a few pieces of jewelry. The bill totaled to over 300 million dollars.

They paid for the jewelry, then they noticed that Jack still had not bought anything. Cecilia smiled. “What’s wrong? You’re too shy to choose anything? Are you scared that we’ll laugh at you, saying that it’s too cheap? Didn’t you just win 90 million dollars from my man here? You should have quite a bit of money on you now. Furthermore, you have your own money, so you should have about 200 million in total. Yet you don’t dare to buy anything too expensive?”

Kelly went along with her and said, “don’t forget, my dear Cecilia, that he just boasted about throwing a birthday party that would rock the entire city. If he buys all this and spends hundreds of millions, he won’t have much left. He’s spending a lot of money already—reserving the hotel, stuff like that. That’s why he’s just buying all these jewelry as a mere token!”

Cecilia pretended a look of realization. “Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot. He won’t even be able to afford the banquet if he isn’t careful with his money. Or he won’t be able to afford a lavish meal. He’ll be a truly laughing stock then!”

She paused here before continuing leisurely, “Besides, no one pays that much attention to jewelry. So it’s enough to simply buy something that’s worth ten or twenty thousand!”

“That’s right. Let’s go, Cecilia. He’ll be too embarrassed to pick something out if we linger here. Let’s quickly go and get out of his hair. We’ll let this poor son-in-law choose some cheap stuff for his wife!”

Young Master Gold laughed. He came before Jack, looked down upon Jack with his head held high, before sauntering out of the store, along with Cecilia.

After they left, Jack only noticed that the saleswoman who had been ready to bring out a few items for him was giving him a strange look.

“So you’re that son-in-law!”

She gave a bitter smile. “It’s all right so long as you mean it. No need to compare yourself to those people!”

He gave a small smile when heard this. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to compare myself to trash like them. After all, a family like the Gold family has no right to compare themselves to me!”

“You talk big. But why don’t you actually pick something out?”

The saleswoman who had sold Cecilia her jewelry gave a cold smile from the side. “They don’t have the right to compare themselves to you? It sounds as though you’re richer than them. Then buy something! I want to see what you buy!”

Jack could not be bothered with her. He turned toward the first saleswoman. “I’m going to buy the Heart of the Abyss because my wife likes it—at least, I trust that she will like it. Besides, she’s the only woman who’s beautiful enough to wear it!”

The saleswoman was speechless. She gave a wry smile. “Sir, that friend of yours said that you only have 200 million dollars on you. The Heart of the Abyss is nine billion, not 900 million! You’ve verified that fact for yourself just now. More importantly, we have no intention of selling it!”

“Nine billion?”

Jack furrowed his brows. He thought about it for a while before speaking: “How about this? I’ll pay 20 billion! I thought that it was worth 900 million, that’s why I offered 2 billion. I never thought that I’d miss a zero there. Then allow me to add a zero to my offer as well. I’ll buy it from you for 20 billion!”

“20 billion!”

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