No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0771

The saleswoman before him exchanged a glance with the plump saleswoman who had sneered upon Jack. They both took sharp intakes of breath.

“Sir, are–are you sure that you said 20 billion? Did I hear wrongly?”

The saleswoman gulped. She suspected that she was hallucinating.

“You didn’t hear wrong. Your boss is a businessman. I don’t care about how big your jewelry business is, but businessmen are out to make money. I know that you won’t be able to make a decision as big as this. So why don’t you call your superior and ask about it?”

Jack said after thinking about it.

“All right. I’ll talk to our manager!”

The saleswoman rushed into the office and called the manager out.

Yet the manager was not able to call the shots either. He smiled at Jack. “Sir, we don’t display the Heart of the Abyss outside. Instead, we keep it inside for safeguarding. I can’t make the final decision, but you’re in luck. Our district manager who oversees for the Southwest district, so happens to be here. Please follow me, sir. I’ll take you to see him.”

“All right!”

Jack nodded his head.

He was quickly led into a tunnel by the manager. They wound their way in for a good few meters before the manager opened a heavy steel door. They entered the room.

A beauty in her thirties was lying on the couch. It was evident she was tired, and she was closing her eyes and resting.

“Manager Lowe, didn’t I tell you to not disturb me if there isn’t anything going on? We’ll be putting the Heart of the Abyss on exhibition tomorrow. I’ve been meeting with the media, and I’m tired. I need a good rest today!”

The middle-aged woman wore a crisp white shirt, and she radiated a powerful aura. After she said that, she looked at Jack. “Why did you bring a man in?” she asked impatiently.

Jack ignored her. His attention was already pinned onto a necklace inside a glass casing that stood in the middle of the room. A jewel the color of dark blood was its crowning glory, and the other gemstones sparkling in its circumference made it seem even more otherworldly. It was magnificent.

“So this is the Heart of the Abyss. It’s beautiful. No wonder it’s selling for such a high price!”

He commented as he walked over and observed it.

“Hey! Who are you? Who told you that you could just waltz in here? Don’t you dare get close to the Abyss!”

The beauty shot up to her feet and gave Jack a warning glare. This was an extremely expensive item. What if he was up to no good?

“Manager Lynch, this customer wishes to buy the Heart of the Abyss. That’s why I brought him in!”

Store Manager Lowe explained to the district manager.

Jack also studied Manager Lynch. He could tell that she was no ordinary woman. Judging from her eyes and her taut, yet relaxed position, she was probably a good fighter.

“We’re not selling!”

Manager Lynch relaxed a little after she heard that. “Manager Lowe, it’s not like you don’t know that there’s only one of its kind in the world. This is our crown jewel, and we use it specially for publicity. We’re just bringing it here for an exhibition. I may be the district manager of the Southwest, but even I can’t do much. Besides, this item is not for sale!”

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