No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0773

Jack was too tired to continue with the negotiation drama. The sign of hesitation plastered on the other party’s face grew more and more obvious, it meant this ‘Heart of the Abyss’ was truly not ordinary jewelry.

Besides, to Jack, 50 billion dollars was nothing.

“Are…are you sure? 50 billion?”

The boss was visibly elated with the price.

“boss, do I look like I’m joking?”

Jack loosened a chuckle in return.

“You have the deal!”

“We thank you so much for choosing our ‘Heart of The Abyss’. I, on behalf of Daxia Juwel, am willing to give away 200 million dollars worth of other jewelry for you to choose!” The boss added excitedly.

“Wow! Just about right! I need to purchase some diamond rings and earrings too!”

Jack’s mood lightened, letting out joyous laughter.

“Glad to be doing business with you!”

“Me too!”

The boss hung up the video call on his mobile phone. He was ostensibly elated for customers like Jack—generous and magnanimous. It was his first time in his lifetime encountering such a customer.

When the commoners purchased pieces of jewelry in their shop, the most frequent question they asked was if there were any discounts or free gifts.

Meanwhile, this guy did not even ask for a discount nor gift but instead raised the price, billions by billions. If they were not the ones dealing with Jack today, they would not believe such a customer existed. It would be extremely hard to believe that this was true.

“Sir…sir, do you really mean it?”

The good-looking manager asked in a trembling tone, her hands shaking. For a person who was able to shout out 50 billion dollars in such a casual manner, his net-worth must be at least a trillion, perhaps even more.

Furthermore, this man’s whole being was sharp, he was standing straight, and firm and his eyes shot out a ray of perseverance, which made her feel that this man before him must be a veteran who had just returned from the military. This was because an ordinary man would not have such a unique aura and temperament.

“Pay with a card?”

A credit card coated completely with predominant golden color was presented before the manager. Jack chuckled and gestured to her to take the card.

The first thought that came into Manager Lynch’s mind was that this card was privileged and elite, though she had not seen this type of card before. She bobbed her head frantically and then turned to the store manager, “Quickly get the POS machine over, and I will pack up the ‘Heart of the Abyss’ for this gentleman!”

“All right!”

The female store manager flashed a warm smile and left the private room.

Few lines appeared between Jack’s brows; a strange feeling stirred within him. Why did not Manager Lynch pack up the necklace for him first and then went out to swipe the card together? After all, he still had to leave the room and pick the other jewels.

Never did he expect, once the store manager left the room, Manager Lynch shot him a few alluring gazes while packing up the ‘Heart of the Abyss’. Then she slowly leaned towards Jack and breathed out slowly, “Dear Sir, can I have your Twitter account? In the future, if Daxia Juwel produces or stocks in some fine accessories, I could send you some photos!”

Jack’s face sunk in the next second; he was speechless. It seemed like the way he raised the price just now had made this good-looking district manager’s heart beating fast.

Although the salary for such an executive was certainly not close to low, in the face of such a generous and manly Jack, she was somewhat moved and unable to resist his personal charm.

Jack flashed a wan smile, “I don’t normally come to these jewelry shops. I bought this necklace for my wife!”

Jack was hinting to the other party that he was married. As long as the other party was not a fool, she would not press further on the matter of Twitter.

After Manager Lynch had packed up the necklace, she handed it over to Jack, her eyes were completely filled with amorous colors. “It’s just adding friends on Twitter. Don’t tell me you’re scared of a lady like me?”

As she spoke, she caressed Jack’s hand while handing the jewelry box over. Her tone was provocative and suggestive.

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