No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0774

However, Jack admitted that the manager before him was indeed gorgeous and charming, no matter her temperament or her body figure. Those eyes of her were even more seductive yet captivating. If Jack were the other ordinary man, he would have fallen into her erotic trap.

He grabbed the box and smiled indifferently, “I don’t think this is necessary. After all, our house is not very far from here. If I’m in need of buying any jewelry, I can just drop by here and see!”

Signs of disappointment flashed in Manager Lynch’s eyes; she was disheartened at Jack’s words. A dirty trick suddenly popped up in her mind and then she pretended to twist her ankle and fell into Jack’s embrace. “Ah!”

Jack’s immediate reflex was to support her from falling further and helped her to stabilize. “Are you alright?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! These high heels are too high and uncomfortable. I nearly tripped because of them!”

Manager Lynch’s face was kissed pink, and she was tongue-tied at the situation. She had already acted so proactively, and yet Jack did not show any hint of being attracted! It seemed like Jack was truly not interested in other women, even a beauty like her.

She had never behaved in such a sultry and dirty way; she did not budge in the slightest in front of any other average wealthy people, even looked down upon them. After all, she had always been a conservative person, and coupled with her high academic qualification and salary, she would naturally have an eye for a perfect man like Jack.

Many filthy rich young masters had been wanting to hook her up, but none of them succeeded as she did not give them any chance. Today, this man before her was not only good-looking and with a benevolent temperament, but also his manly behaviors had captivated her, especially during the moment he raised the price billions by billions. Money to him was nothing but stacks of toilet papers—he did not care at all. Such a man had completely fascinated her.

Besides, this was also her first time being so proactive in pleasing a man. She wanted to be conquered by this man; she wanted to become his proudest trophy.

However, this man did not even bother to spare her a gaze.

“Sir, please swipe your card with this POS machine. Also, our boss has informed us that you still have 200 million dollars for the other jewels. I will show you the way later!”

Store Manager Lowe entered the private room with a POS machine in her hand. She quickly let Jack make the payment.

“Manager Lynch, I’m sorry for interrupting your break time. I’ll follow Manager Lowe to pick some other necklace and ring!”

Jack gave a faint smile and went out of the room with Store Manager Lowe.

The awkward smile on Manager Lynch’s face disappeared in the next second the two left. She closed the door feebly, feeling a little lost. Her eyes turned towards the direction of the place where the Heart of The Abyss was once placed, and her heart sank deeply.

“Oh ya! Manager Lowe, I need a favor from you. There’s something I need you to pass on to Manager Lynch in a while!”

After choosing the ring, earrings, and bracelet, Jack quickly thought of something and turned to Store Manager Lowe. “Could you help me to pass on this message to her? That the Heart of The Abyss has already been sold to me, and you won’t be able to exhibit it tomorrow! Hence please announce to the public that it has been sold. As for the fact that I bought it for 50 billion dollars, I hope this can remain a secret. Could you please help?”

“Do you mean we keep the 50 billion dollars as a secret?”

Store Manager Lowe was stunned at Jack’s request. “Sir, if we announce that the necklace was sold for 50 billion dollars, wouldn’t it be great for you in front of your friend and family? Sir, you’re too low profile!”

‘this is not about me being low profile. If my wife knew that I’ve spent 50 billion for a 9 billion worth necklace, she would scold me! She will say that I squander hard-earn money.

Jack explained in a casual tone, a warm smile showing on his face.

A flash of enlightenment, at the same time, a flicker of envy stirred within Store Manager Lowe when she heard his explanation. “I’m envious of your wife! You’re so willing to spend money on her and consider everything for her!”

“By the way, if you and Manager Lynch are available on that day, feel free to come to my wife’s birthday party!” Jack chuckled.

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