No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0775

“No way! Are you serious? We can come too?”

Jack’s invitation elevated Store Manager Lowe’s mood that she almost jumped for joy. A birthday party by a big shot was the sweetest dream that one could have! Besides, those who would be attending the party were definitely not ordinary people. They must have possessed certain statuses in Eastfield.

“Absolutely! Just come over empty-handed and tell the guards that you got my permission!”

After giving some thought to the matter, Jack showed another warm smile and then left the shop.

“Wait. That’s not quite right. Isn’t he only the adopted son-in-law? Can a son-in-law have so much money?”

After Jack exited the door, Store Manager Lowe, who had finally calmed down, thought of something and yelled in surprise. “This fella is too low profile. 50 billion for a necklace? Just wow! No wonder he promised to give his wife a birthday party that will shake the whole Eastfield. He’s so damn rich!”

The first thing that Jack did once he arrived at home was to hide the Heart of the Abyss, only then he went to search for his wife.

At this time, Selena was strolling leisurely in the garden.

As soon as she saw Jack approaching her, she shot him a blank look. “Jack White! You disappeared early in the morning! Where did you go, huh?”

Jack let out adorable giggles, extended his hands into his pockets, and pulled out several boxes. “Look, your birthday is around the corner. So I went out to buy you some nice accessories!”

“What? How could you go without me? Are you trying to surprise me?”

Inside Selena’s reprimand, hid a hint of happiness; a giggly smile plastered on her face. She took one of the boxes and opened it. “Did you purchase in Daxia Juwel? Their accessories are exorbitantly expensive. Here, look, there’re gems on it, it must be expensive, right? And all these things added up must have cost you a lot!”

Jack smiled lightly, “It’s not expensive, it’s merely over nine million!”

“What the heck? Over nine million dollars, and yet you said it’s not expensive?”

Selena almost fainted at the number. Few lines formed between her brows, and she started to nag in a firmer tone, “No, dear, no! Your act is called impulsive purchase! You’re basically squandering money. Both of us don’t have a job right now and yet you spent so much money on these. If everyone in our house spends like you do, what do you think will happen to our savings? Even if you’ve won 10 billion in billiards, you shouldn’t squander like this!”

Nonetheless, these reprimands of Selena’s are like sunshine flooded into Jack’s chest—he felt warm and elated. He wrapped his arms around Selena and pulled her into his embrace. “You silly. This is our first birthday celebration together, I’d break my bank for it!”

“Hey, hey, let me go. Others are watching!”

Contentment filled her heart as her face turned rosy pink.

“Jack White, you stupid brat. You’re so heroic, huh? I just got to know that you’ve beaten Young Master Drake up! Are you trying to dig a grave for yourself?”

At this time, Fiona returned from her shopping and started to yell at Jack as soon as she spotted Jack in the garden.

“Mother, yes, I did beat him up. I went to Drake’s residence last night. And that’s because he deserves it. As for the reason why I hit him, you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ve already settled it!”

Jack smiled dryly and admitted the deed without hesitation.

“Get out from our house, now! You’ve offended the Drake family, aren’t you having a death wish? I don’t even bother to find out why you beat him up, it must be because he fired you and Selena, and you feel displeased with his action! But you can’t hit people because of that either!”

Fiona pointed at the gate, gave him a dismissive wave of her hands, yelling Jack to get out.

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