No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0777

She gave Jack a long look. “All right. I wrongfully accused you just now,” she said. “I thought you had gone and beaten the young master up because of what happened to Selena and your job. You really do have a valid reason for beating him up then, if that had happened!”

“Ma, how did you know about this anyway?”

Selena asked Fiona after she thought about it.

“Oh, I overheard a few people gossiping about it when I was out shopping. It gave me such a scare that I immediately rushed back!”

Fiona patted her chest, but she was still anxious as she thought about it. “But what if the Drake family lashes against us in secret, instead of broad daylight? That will be even harder to prevent. I really think that we should all just stay at home and not go out at all!”

“No way, Mom. I’ve just opened my cybercafé. I need to make sure that everything’s running smoothly for these few days, especially when we’re getting so many customers!”

Ben spoke with a smile, “I trust what Jack said. If he says that they fear him, they fear him. They would have come looking for us a long time ago otherwise.”

“No way. It’s not like we lack the money from your cybercafe business. I won’t be able to live on if you ever die!”

Fiona did not dare to allow Ben out alone.

“Elaine, take a few of the other bodyguards and follow me!”

Ben waved Elaine and a few other bodyguards over; they had been standing at the side.

“You won’t worry if I’m going out like this. Right, Mom?”

After Elaine and the others walked over, Ben said to Fiona, grinning.

“Fine. Go on then!”

Fiona waved her hand helplessly.

“Master, Master! Good news!”

At this moment, a man from the Eagle clan ran over to Master Neuman, smiling.

“What’s going on? You seem excited!”

Lee asked, smiling bitterly.

“Good news. I heard that Young Master Drake has fired Jack and his wife, and the young master tried to make a move with the wife. So Jack brought his wife to the Drake family’s residence and beat the living sh*t out of Timothy Drake. He’s still in the hospital now!”

The middle-aged man grinned as he reported everything.

Lee’s eyes immediately brightened when he heard that. He quickly leaped to his feet. “Really? Fantastic! This way, we won’t have to act so fast for now. We’ll wait and watch what happens. Offending the Drake family is practically digging your own grave. Let’s see if the Drake family helps us to get rid of that little punk.”

“Of course the Drake family would do something. James Drake has only one son, after all!”

The middle-aged man said, smiling.

“Mmhmm. Seems like the gods are smiling upon me!”

Lee lifted his chin ever so slightly, his gaze filled with excitement.

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