No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0778

“Tell everyone that we’re halting operations for now! We’ll wait and see how the situation is after two days!”

In a flash, Lee’s good humor had been restored. It would be fantastic if the Drake family were to kill Jack off. He would not have to do a single thing then.

“Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.”

Ken Clark was excited as well. He guffawed as he came before Ivan, Neil, and Xena before taking a seat.

“What’s going on, Young Master Clark? Looks like you’re excited about something!”

Ivan flashed a mirthless smile. He had finally recovered from his injuries, and he could return to the Taylor family’s residence. He also thought about introducing Xena to his family sometime during the next few days.

When he thought about the expressions on Ben’s and the others’ faces, delight jolted in him.

“Jack has gone looking for trouble again. He really doesn’t quit playing with fire.”

Ever since Young Master Clark had stepped foot into the coffee shop, he did not stop grinning. “I think we won’t need to create trouble for him anymore. He has signed a death wish for himself now.”

“What? Really? Who did he offend this time?”

Neil immediately knew that Jack had gone and offended someone else again when he heard that. After he thought about it, his eyes brightened. “Don’t tell me he’s offended a first-class aristocratic family this time? Now that punk isn’t afraid of us. But he’ll be in big trouble if he offended a first-class aristocratic family!”

He did not expect Ken to shake his head. The latter earnestly tapped his index finger against the table. “He didn’t offend a first-class aristocratic family this time, but the Drake family!”

A frosty smile spread across Ivan’s lips as he registered the words. “You’re joking, Young Master Clark. Jack has good relations with the Drake family, especially since he’s constantly by Miss Tanya’s side after he was hired as their bodyguard. He’s constantly shadowing her, and they’re pretty much good friends. Why would Jack offend them? He’s not an idiot!”

“It’s all because of the billion dollars! That punk’s head must have been high at the prospect of that much money!”

Ken laughed. Then he told everyone about what he had heard in detail.

“So that’s what happened. He just pretended that he did not know how to play billiards and swindled Young Master Turner of one billion dollars. Tsk. Leo’s probably really good in billiards. No one would believe Jack if he claimed that he had just picked it up. It’s obvious that he’s good in the sport if he was able to beat Leo!”

“No wonder Young Master Drake could not suffer the sight any longer. So he helped to speak up, saying that Jack had gone mad for insisting on a billion dollars because he wanted money. And he didn’t spare Young Master Drake’s reputation! That was probably why Young Master Drake was so angry that he went looking for Selena Taylor!”

Ivan gave a wry smile and took a sip out of his cup of coffee. “Ah. What a pity. I had hoped that Jack would embarrass himself to no end during Selena’s birthday party and that he would just curdle out of shame. Who knew that he won’t be living for more than a few days now!”

Xena, who was sitting beside him, thought about it for a while. “But Jack is the son-in-law of the Taylor family, Ivan,” she said, anxiety laced in her tone. “Won’t the Drake family retaliate against the Taylor family as well in a moment of anger?”

Ivan furrowed his brows at the idea. “I don’t think so. We didn’t offend them. Besides, Jack and his family have never lived with us before. James is a reasonable man. They would suffer plenty of losses if they really tried to fight us, especially since Jack is a good fighter.”

Right at this moment, a phone rang out.

Ivan gestured for everyone to remain silent before picking up the phone, getting onto his feet.

His expression darkened as the call went on. “F*ck. Jack is really dragging our entire family through the dirt!”

“What’s wrong, Ivan?”

Xena quickly asked.

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