No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0779

She was a little worried. What if Young Master Drake suffered from serious injuries and his father was absolutely furious? It would be troublesome if they acted against Ivan and the others.

It was a small possibility, but it could not be completely ruled out.

Besides, it had not been easy for her to become Ivan’s girlfriend. It would be extremely unfair if she were to be dragged into this and get killed along with everyone else. She would not even get a chance to enjoy her life for a short period of time! She could not let that happen.

“The Drake family called to inform us that we’re officially withdrawn from the Southern Hills development project. And they won’t give us any compensation for breaking the contract!”

Ivan gave a bitter smile. “The old man is super angry right now. He’s calling a meeting for all members of the family.”

As he spoke, his eyes suddenly lit up. “Let’s go then. There’s no time like the present. Come with me, Xena. Since the old man has called all the Taylor family members for the meeting, I’m sure that Selena, Jack, and even Ben will be there. Since they’re all there, I’ll introduce you to everyone then. I’ll let them know that you’re my girlfriend!”

Xena furrowed her brows. “Is–is it appropriate to tell them about me now?”

“Of course it is!”

Ivan splayed his arms. “Everyone will be there. If I introduce you and everyone knows that you’re my girlfriend, Jack won’t kill you off just like that, right? It wouldn’t do if the Taylor family found out. After all, I’m their cousin! It’ll be insurance for your life, announcing this. If I don’t announce it, what if Jack secretly kills you to exact revenge for Ben? What if he says that he didn’t know you were my girlfriend?”

After Xena heard that, she too, thought that it made sense. She nodded her head. “All right then. I’ll go with you. But I’m not prepared for this. I’m so nervous. I didn’t even bring any gifts!”

Ivan took her hand. “No need to buy anything. I’m just going to introduce you because this meeting happened to be now. Don’t worry. I’m here!”

“Ah, I would go over and see the look on Ben’s face if I actually had a reason for going.”

Ken burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry, Young Master Taylor. Old Man Taylor will certainly be angry because of how the Drake family had canceled all their plans, but it’s not your fault. It’s all because Jack beat Young Master Drake up. That’s why the person to be reprimanded will naturally be Jack. The old man will give him thorough hiding!”

Neil flashed a cold smile as he spoke.

“That’s right. I didn’t do anything wrong. Nothing to be worried about!”

Smiling, Ivan brought Xena out.

Jack and Ben and the others also received calls. They all went to the largest hall in the Taylor family’s villa.

There were plenty of couches and stools all around. The Taylor family would use this space to discuss important matters whenever they cropped up.

At this moment, Old Man Taylor’s expression looked grim. The people around him all dipped their heads as well. The atmosphere was thick and heavy.

The doors gradually opened. Selena, Jack, and the others strode in.


Old Man Taylor harrumphed when he saw Jack. It was clear that he was furious.

“Grandpa, is there something wrong? Why did you summon us over?”

Selena managed an awkward smile, asking tentatively. During the call earlier, Cecilia simply told them to come over and admit their mistakes, huffing angrily. She did not speak about the entire situation.


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