No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0782

After knowing that Jack had beaten up Young Master Drake, the first thing the Taylor family naturally did was to send out their bodyguards to inquire about the situation.

Old Master Taylor heaved a huge sigh of relief upon learning that Young Master Drake only suffered a minor injury. Since the wound was not serious, perhaps Master Drake would not be so upset with them and make a huge fuss out of it. At most, he would find a hitman to slit Jack’s throat, after all, others were not involved.

“Thank God, it’s only a minor injury. Thank God!”

Old Master Taylor plonked down onto the armchair; everyone could see that the boulder in his heart was lifted.

Selena and Jack exchanged glances and hints of dismay were obviously displayed in their gazes.

The kick from Jack yesterday was not feeble at all. His kick was so powerful that Young Master Drake passed out the next second.

It was impossible for his injury to be mild and most likely, he would be impotent from that kick.

Nevertheless, Jack and Selena were no fool, it was obviously a beautiful white lie that the Drake family had spread. Since they were covering the truth, it meant that Master Drake was a sensible person, or at least he was smart that he should not make a hoo-ha out of this.

“But, Grandpa, though Young Master Drake was only mildly injured, the South Hill Real Estate project is now down the drain. The Drake family won’t allow us to continue with the project anymore. Who will make up for the losses?”

Ivan could feel raw anger boiling in his blood knowing that Jack was the culprit for the huge loss. He could not just let this b*stard off the hook; he desired to find a way to cast him out of the Taylor family.

“I’ll pay for the loss!”

However, to everyone’s surprise, Jack stepped forward and proclaimed aloud. “Isn’t it just a hundred million or so? I’ll pay!”

“Hmph! Don’t be ridiculous! Have you thought about it? What money are you gonna use to pay? The billion you won from Young Master Turner? Don’t forget you’ve promised to hold a party that will shake the entire Eastfield for your dearest wife!”

Ivan’s face immediately lit up at Jack’s words. Since this b*stard wanted to pretend to be some tycoon and offered to make up for the losses, why not?

“Jack, what nonsense are you spewing about? You and Selena are both jobless now! How can you afford to take up such responsibility?”

Fiona nearly had a heart attack and her eyes rolled to the back of her brain when she heard what Jack had said. She immediately pulled Jack back to her side as she reprimanded.

“Indeed, he should be responsible for this loss! If it wasn’t for him, this big project would not have flush down the drain just like that!”

Theodore immediately chimed in with a serious and firm tone. “Since the loss was caused by Jack, it’s natural for him to pay for it!”

“Yes. They’re right! Selena’s birthday doesn’t have to be grand, just a few confetti, wines and pizzas will do. It’ll be Cecelia’s wedding on that day anyway, the whole Taylor family probably don’t have spare time to celebrate with Selena. Oh ya! You really don’t even have to prepare a lot of food, since all the big shots and local authorities will attend Cecelia’s wedding.”

Cecelia’s mother echoed as she stepped forward.

Fiona was burning with anger that her eyes were like two fireballs that could burn Jack into ashes anytime. This brat clearly did not bring his brain along with him today, otherwise, how could he spew such nonsense?

Since Jack and her daughter were both jobless, Jack, perhaps, only had a couple of millions left. And the 90 million dollars that Jack won from Kelly Gold in gambling had been given to Fiona as well. Now, the issue was about the loss amounting to 100 million dollars and this brat had actually said that he would bear it.

Old Master Taylor nodded in agreement after giving the matter some thoughts. “Jack, this is indeed your fault and since you’ve said you’d be responsible, then you should transfer 100 million dollars to the company’s account!”

“Hmmm. You’re right. It’s indeed something I should pay for!”

Jack bobbed his head and asked for the company’s account number from the butler, which then he transferred 100 million dollars over.

Seeing that Jack was such a responsible man, there was a hint of respect shown in Old Master Taylor’s eyes. The anger that was swirling inside him a moment ago had dissipated now.

“All right. Since Young Master Drake did not suffer a major injury, I hope they won’t continue to look for trouble. But Jack, if they do come to avenge Young Master Drake, I hope that you’ll step up and bear the consequences. Don’t drag us down this abyss!”

“Don’t be preoccupied, Grandpa Taylor. They won’t dare to come, and if they really do, they’re practically digging their own graves.”

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